How To Build A Smarter Real Estate Brand With PsychologyIt is one thing to throw a logo and slogan together and it is something entirely different to build a real estate brand around core values, voice, and visuals.  If you want to develop real recognition and secure yourself a profitable positio...
Another week and another feature in Carol Williams' fantastic Second Chance Saturday series. Check out my featured post and any others that may have slipped through the cracks.  "Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you weren't fabulous the first time but because the timing and circ...
 [Click here if you prefer to read this post instead.]In this episode of The Real Estate Revolution Podcast, I am sharing how three carefully crafted phrases will become your ultimate secret weapon for converting clients.The most amazing thing about each of the three phrases that I’m about to rev...
No matter where you are in your real estate career, you probably feel like there is too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.   It can be very challenging to prioritize your current clients over marketing yourself in order to keep that pipeline full.   However, what many real estate ...
Today's episode of The Real Estate Revolution Podcast is all about costly real estate myths.A busy real estate agent like you doesn’t have a SECOND to waste on activities that won’t directly result in profits in your pocket. If you’ve ever tried a new marketing product before, you know that sinki...
Do you know the best thing about SEO?   It helps the people that are looking for someone like you find you in the EXACT moment that they need you!   In fact, anyone that reaches out to you from your real estate website that landed there from a search should be considered a warm lead because that ...
There are many things that can get under your skin as a real estate agent. However, few are more frustrating than paying for or working for a new lead only to have them flat out ignore your calls!   Am I right?!   Many times you could be using a lead generation strategy that has been proven over ...
"Sometimes you deserve a second chance, not because you weren't fabulous the first time but because the timing and circumstances weren't quite right. You just got overlooked."-Carol Williams    Does getting Featured here in The Rain sometimes feel like a roll of the dice? Not anymore. I'm always...
Have you been struggling to get clients from your email marketing?   Do you feel like you are sending high-quality content to the sound of crickets?   The problem is probably not your content or the people you have on your list. The problem is that you are just sending your content to the wrong p...

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