Up until now, I have been very secretive about the phrases and specific techniques that I use in the copy that I provide my clients.Sure I tell you all that I use powerful neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques which hypnotize people into taking action without them ever knowing why. Howeve...
 You’ve already established your success as a real estate agent.  You know what it takes to get houses sold.  You know how to treat your real estate business like a real business.  That’s why you decided to become a broker and build your own team. Now as a broker and a leader, your responsibiliti...
Yes, Instagram is a mostly visual platform where the pictures count for a large part of either your success or failure.However, don’t dilute yourself into thinking your pics or videos are the only things that matter!It is also very important that you include a well-crafted caption that marries a ...
I’m not sure how many real estate agents realize this but email is still VERY important!However, as the medium has gotten significantly more noisy over the last two decades, it has gotten far more difficult to get your subscribers to even open your emails.Let’s face it, it sucks to put all of tha...
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I am so excited to be writing this article as it is the 100th blog post here on!As someone that has seen the never-ending benefits of creating custom content to promote their business, I felt compelled to take this 100th blog post and use it to share some of the many, man...

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