You know how there were some real estate agents that actually made their fortunes as a result of the last recession? Have you been wondering how you could leverage the current situation to improve your real estate business rather than struggle to keep it afloat? Would you be willing to reach out ...
You have heard of real estate agents getting clients from Facebook. You know it is possible, but as hard as you plug away at social, posting every day, you still aren’t getting any real leads.    So what’s missing?   My guess is that you aren’t using a proper sales funnel that: Identifies people ...
These days there is a ton of buzz out there about mindset and programming yourself to be happier, healthier, and more purposeful in your life. However, just as your mindset can play a powerful role in your personal life, it can completely transform your real estate business.   In fact, there are ...
I understand that many real estate agents are allowing full-blown panic around COVID and the real estate market to set in right now. Especially, if you have never been through something like COVID in your real estate career. I will provide you with some extra reassurance that things will be okay ...

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