real estate blogging: Time-Saving Hacks For Your Real Estate Blog - 02/18/19 06:39 AM
Not only do I write and manage this blog, but I am the ghostwriter behind dozens of other real estate blogs in this country.
In fact, an average day in my life frequently requires me to write 10,000+ words!
On top of that, I have to worry about SEO, graphic design, social media, and a million other tasks that come along with running a real estate media company.
Often, people ask me how the hell I manage to get so much done. Especially when it comes to creating so many blog posts each week. Well, I have a few tricks up my … (34 comments)

real estate blogging: 3 Ways Your Real Estate Blog Will Build Your Team On Autopilot - 01/29/19 07:22 AM
You’ve already established your success as a real estate agent.
You know what it takes to get houses sold.
You know how to treat your real estate business like a real business.
That’s why you decided to become a broker and build your own team.
Now as a broker and a leader, your responsibilities and goals are dramatically different. If you want to make the big bucks as a broker, you have to get out of the open houses and step into the role of recruiter, trainer, and motivator. Once you master those skill sets, you will experience a whole new level … (2 comments)

real estate blogging: How To Revive Your Old Real Estate Blog Posts - 01/17/19 05:21 AM
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As someone that has written THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of blog posts, I have full appreciation for just how much effort is poured into creating them.
Of course, I am a writer by profession so it comes a bit easier to me than most of you that are simply trying to bolster your real estate career with content.
Therefore, I know that … (7 comments)

real estate blogging: How To Blog About Your Listings To Impress Both Buyers & Sellers - 11/28/18 08:02 AM
It is no secret that you need to have a serious web presence to attract the 98% of homebuyers looking online for their future home and their real estate agent.
However, beyond the standard listing description that you post to the MLS or your social media, did you know that you could leverage your listings into a bigger, better web presence by turning them into full-blown blog posts?
Yup, more and more real estate agents have realized that blogging about listings is a powerful way to:
Get more attention to listings you have or want to promote & sell
Improve your real estate … (0 comments)

real estate blogging: Essential Real Estate Blogging Tools For 2019 - 11/28/18 07:54 AM
Starting and growing a real estate blog is much easier said than done for most people.
I know from connecting with many of you on social and from our one-on-one conversations via email and on the phone that many of you are hungry for tools that will both help you produce your real estate blogs more efficiently, and get better results from your posts.
Up until now, I have made casual references and referrals to some of the tools that I use for my own blog on but it occurred to me that it would be easier for you to have a list of … (1 comments)

real estate blogging: How To Put A Fresh Spin On Tired Real Estate Blog Topics - 10/17/18 02:49 AM
We’ve all seen them, the real estate topics that have practically been beaten to death on every real estate blog across the web.
While you may be hesitant to write about those same old topics like moving, buying your first house, or how to start investing in real estate, those are often the topics you need to include to position yourself as the local expert.
Not including many of these topics will result in your readers going elsewhere for the same information.
So how do you cover the conventional real estate blog topics without sounding lame?
In today’s best real estate writer post, I’m going … (30 comments)

real estate blogging: 8 Vital Admin Tasks For New Real Estate Bloggers - 10/17/18 02:43 AM
Launching a new real estate blog can feel insanely overwhelming!
Especially if this is your first blog ever.
With so much real estate stuff in your plate, you may be thinking that you must have been batshit crazy to add your blog to your eternally growing to-do list.
First of all, I want you to know it is okay to feel that way…
You are NOT crazy and launching your real estate blog IS THE BEST FUCKING THING YOU COULD BE DOING FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
So take a minute and pat yourself on the back, pop a bottle, do a … (13 comments)

real estate blogging: A Real Estate Pro’s Guide to Buying, Borrowing, and Stealing Content - 08/08/18 06:30 AM
The modern real estate agent now understands that content marketing is a requirement for growing a thriving business. However, generating enough content to outrank the competition is proving to be a major challenge for many. As a result, more and more agents are tempted to borrow or even steal content to keep up. Meanwhile, others are struggling to buy the right types of content to get them real results. Here’s what you need to know about buying, borrowing, and stealing content, so you don’t make a fatal mistake in your marketing.
What To BuyIf you are like most real estate agents, … (4 comments)

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