atlanta: South Atlant's Hottest New Town Home & Single Family Community - 11/16/07 02:34 AM
Join Us For FOOD and a Chance To Win $500 Cash! 
Register to enter a $500 cash drawing! Drawing at 3:00pm must be present to win! Additional Prizes will also be given!
River's Station Estates in Atlanta ~ $100 Move In Special South Atlanta's Hottest New Town Home Community!Join Us For Food and a Chance to win $500 CASH on Saturday November 17th from 1pm - 6pm.SATURDAY ONLY SALE! FREE APPLIANCES INCLUDING WASHER & DRYER! TOWN HOMES PRICED FROM $99,500's (2, 3, 4 Bedrooms) CLASSIC SERIES PRICED FROM $130,00's (3&4 Bedroom's) ESTATE SERIES PRICED FROM $170,00's (4 & 5 Bedroom's) Easy Financing ~ No Money Down ~ No … (0 comments)

atlanta: First Time Homebuyers, Stop Here! - 11/12/07 12:35 AM

atlanta: How Mortgage Rates Effect Minorities - 11/09/07 05:16 AM
NEWS you can USE!
The information in this article was researched through data collected under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). The data came from the 8,850 lenders covered by the act and involved over 30.2 million home loan applications.
The reason behind the article was to determine patterns in high-priced lending. High-priced loans are described as those with an interest rate that is higher by a certain number of basis points above a threshold amount defined by Regulation C of the HMDA.
The mortgage market has changed a lot over the last decade and this has impacted the level of higher-priced loans in … (1 comments)

atlanta: Step One ~ Calulating Your Monthly Income - 11/07/07 02:38 AM
How Much House Can You Afford?
Step One - Calculating Your Monthly IncomeWhen a loan officer prequalifies you, he/she works backwards to figure your maximum mortgage amount. You can do the same thing. The first step is to determine your monthly income. It isn't quite as easy as it sounds. Lenders only count income they can document through paperwork.If you are a salaried employee, and don't earn bonuses, it's easy. Get out your paycheck. If you get paid twice a month, multiply by two. If you are paid every two weeks, then you multiply by 26 (the number of pay periods in … (0 comments)

atlanta: Mortgage Professionals, Best Realty Would Love To Partner With You! - 11/05/07 02:42 AM
We truly understand the importance of relationships. We are dedicated to providing you and your buyers with the top customer service and assistance in finding the personalized solution that best meets their home buying needs. We know it is just as important for you to have a great Realtor on your team as it is for the buyer.We can present your buyer with top notch customer service and a big variety of home options all across the Atlanta & Surrounding areas. With extensive product knowledge of the Real Estate & the Mortgage Industries we know we are one of the best!
We … (0 comments)

atlanta: Tips On Finding The Right House - 10/11/07 02:17 AM
Once the decision to buy a home has been made, you should take the time to prepare before you go on your home search.   This article will provide information on things you should consider:
Yes, it is very tempting to rush out and actually look at houses, but to do so without full preparation can be both disastrous and expensive. Get your financial house in order first! I can't stress this enough--it will save you an enormous amount of time, aggravation and heartache. Determine what your budget will comfortably allow and stick to it. Don't spend yourself into a "house poor" situation.
Get preapproved for a mortgage. … (0 comments)

atlanta: How Can You Improve Your Credit Score? - 10/03/07 03:55 AM
You ask........
It's virtually impossible to change your score in the time between when most people decide to buy a home or refinance their mortgage and when they apply. So the short answer is, you really can't "on the spot." But there are strategies you can live with to make sure when you apply for a loan your score is as high as possible.
Make sure that the information each of the three credit reporting bureaus has on you is consistent and up to date. Order a copy of your credit report about once a year, and dispute any inaccuracies.
Note: Theoretically, if … (1 comments)

atlanta: Grants, Gifts & Down Payment Assistance - 10/01/07 01:24 PM
Are you ready to buy a home? What do you do first?
Have you been thinking of buying a home? Are you ready to begin the process of buying a home as a first time home buyer? You may need a local real estate agent to show you homes in your area. You may also want to make an appointment with a mortgage lender. It will take some time working with a real estate agent to find the right home in the price range that you can afford. It will also take time to apply for the mortgage, have the lender evaluate your … (0 comments)

atlanta: Selling Your Home - 09/28/07 04:09 PM
Selling your home is an exciting time, but it can also be quite challenging. The following tips can help:
Do not over price your home. Based on an emotional assessment, it is easy to think your home is worth more than the current market may support. It is essential for sellers to determine the value of their home based on an objective analysis. Ask for sales statistics from your Best Realty Realtor to be sure that your home is properly priced. The market can change quickly, so it is important to keep updated with the current market, especially recent sales.
Keep home in good … (1 comments)

atlanta: Seven Smart Homebuying Tips - 09/28/07 03:55 PM
Real Estate News We Know You Can Use!
Negotiate with builders - Don't be afraid to ask builders for concessions such as steep price discounts, closing-cost waivers, luxury upgrades, free landscaping, free trips and free club memberships. Many builder-incentive packages are worth $10,000 and up! 
Negotiate with home sellers -Unlike the go-go market of recent years, offers of five percent to 10 percent or more under asking price will not be appropriate. As a buyer, you have more bargaining power this year.  
Educated timing - Read up on local, not national, market trends, religiously read for-sale ads, and get a sense of what's moving and … (4 comments)

atlanta: Homeownership and Why It Makes Sense - 09/28/07 03:43 PM
Interest in homeownership among Americans has been justified by claims that it confers benefits both to individuals and to the society as a whole, including good citizens, stable neighborhoods and strong communities.
Strong and consistent evidence indicates that homeowners are more likely to: a) be satisfied with their homes and neighborhoods; b) participate in voluntary and political activities; and c) stay in their homes longer, contributing to neighborhood stability.
Homeownership is often thought to be an essential ingredient of the "American Dream." Living in a single-family, owner-occupied dwelling unit is central to the American conception of a secure and successful life. … (2 comments)


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