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Spend a little, save a lot, or spend a whole bunch and save even more. Here is a tip to shave your energy bills year round. Sure, it's nostalgia-inducing and all, but when it comes down to it, your fireplace is terribly—make that laughably—inefficient. According to the Department of Energy, a li...
The weather man tonight on TV stated that we may need the furnace tonight because it may have a chance of frost in northern Ohio. So before chilly autumn nights set in, you need to make an appointment for your furnace's annual checkup. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wea...
 As the leaves turn and the weather cools, many of us begin outdoor cleanup. Consider the number of injuries in yard work accidents every autumn and you may begin to suspect that "fall" is actually short for "pitfall." Fall, it seems, is the season for back injuries, tumbles from ladders and lawn...
At some point in the life of your house, the lumber that holds it together will get wet. The flashing will fail, the roof will leak, or, as demonstrated by last year's hurricanes, the rains will drive and the waters will rise. Frame a house with blue lumber, though, and the water won't wet the wo...

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