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This morning I arrived at my inspection a little early. I found that there was a fresh coating of 2"s of snow on the side walk. So I grabbed my shovel and cleared it off so that my client and the Realtor would have a clear and safe access to the inside of the home. When they both arrive they both...
With the sub zero temps that we are having, if you have testing equipment, laptop, cell phones, Ipod's that has a LCD screen in them it is highly recommended that you bring them inside. Yes I know that the battery is suppose to keep the LCD screen from freezing. But I have lost equipment because ...
Last night as I was coming home after a inspection, I found a car in a ditch of water with the headlights on so I stopped. It was on a no were back road. I found a 16 year old young girl sitting there crying, shaking from the cold and holding her cell phone. I managed to get here to roll down her...
I inspected a home in the Great snow belt of Ohio 2 weeks ago. The roof was covered with snow that was starting to melt and it had the nice ice sickles hanging from the gutters. The down spouts were frozen solid with ice. I got into the house and found that there was moisture showing thought in s...
With the rising cost of energy always on the rise. We need to be always on the look out for way so save energy. One of the cheapest and easiest ways is to check the chalking around your windows and doors. If it is bad or there is none, buy your self a box of chalking and go to work and sealing ou...

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