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After my last post concerning my new low cost thermal energy audit program. I was asked if I could describe in basic terms what I do when I preform the energy audits. Here is a check list of sorts that even you can do, but I am here to complete it if you want a written report for verification pur...
Make sure that you check your batteries on you CO2 detector. I had my first case of a high CO2 level in my neighbors home today. She was not feeling good and having trouble breathing. I saw that she had a CO2 detector and I tested it. The battery was dead. Replaced battery and it sounded off. She...
 With the rising cost of utility bills that are now starting to crepe up on us as the winter is making its presence known. Let me help you find where your money is escaping and help you save on those rising utility bills. I have purchase a new tool to add to my arsenal of Home Inspection tools. I...
Well we had our first Christmas light fire the other day. Reports from the fire Marshall was that the home owner had stated that the string of lights were 3 years old and they had left them on over night . The fire Marshall reported that the lights were not rated for outside use and had shorted o...
After driving in this mornings first measurable snow, and seeing how many people were in the ditch. I thought I would post a couple tips that my dad always made sure I had in the car. Keep emergency gear in your car. IE: Cell phone Flash light with extra batteries Extra blankets Jumper cables Sho...
With the way todays economy and the flood of new Home Inspectors into the industry. I felt it was time to Re-brand my Home Inspection company to re-introduce BeSure Home Inspection Service to the Realtors, and clients of my services. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and may you have ma...

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