tecumseh: Tecumseh MI, one of the best small towns in the USA! - 07/22/09 10:07 AM
Money Magazine has agreed with something I have been saying for years, Tecumseh, MI is one of the 100 best small towns in the Country!  I received a call a couple of months ago from the magazine, asking why I felt Tecumseh should make the list, it didn't take me anytime to spout off lots of great reasons.  Then they asked if I could send some pictures of the town.  I called the city and they sent me a bunch to forward on.  They were as excited as I was to learn we were in the running.  How did they find me?  … (3 comments)

tecumseh: It's Raining Pendings! - 05/28/09 08:49 AM
Over 50% of the time lately when a buyer calls in for information on a listing, when I pull it up and do the research I find the home has an accepted offer.  What a change from a year ago when it seemed everything was available. 
These aren't the higher priced homes, they are the priced to move foreclosures.  Buyers are learning the hard way that a good value doesn't wait around, if it looks like a deal to you, it looks like one to all the other buyers that are finally getting off the fence and getting offers on paper.  When … (5 comments)

tecumseh: New Listing in Tecumseh Schools - 05/28/09 07:31 AM

tecumseh: I have changed companies - 04/10/09 08:43 AM
I actually changed about a month ago and am just now getting around to changing my profile to match my new company.  It is not from lack of excitement or enthusiasm about the change, just lots going on and time getting away from me.  It took me many months to decide to make the change, I had been happily with the same company since I began my career 14 years ago.  However, times change and with them my needs of what I felt would be the best place for me and my clients to face the upcoming years. 
My new office … (8 comments)

tecumseh: One more reason why now is the time to buy your first home in Tecumseh and Greater Lenawee County - 10/02/08 07:36 AM

As if there weren't reasons aplenty already to buy a home in Tecumseh or Greater Lenawee County, low prices, huge selection, low interest rates to name a few, now there is even more icing on the cake for first time home buyers.
When you buy your first home, you can qualify for up to a $7,500 tax credit as long as the purchase was made between April 9, 2008 and before July 1, 2009.  The credit will be for 10% of the homes sale price, up to a maximum of $7,500, ie if you buy a home for $60,000 you would … (0 comments)

tecumseh: Can you already smell the cookies in Tecumseh? - 09/30/08 08:15 AM
Wonderful news for Tecumseh has been announced this week.  The Tecumseh Products plant will be turning into a new location for the Consolidated Biscuit Company, an operation that bakes cookies and such for Nabisco and others.  Many thanks to our City Officials, Tecumseh Products and the State, working together to make this happen. 
According to the Tecumseh Herald in addition to opening 500 jobs for Tecumseh workers, the plant will create an additional 558 related jobs and generate more than $372 million in income for Michigan workers over a ten year period.
Now, instead of being the refrigerator capital, we will be a … (2 comments)

tecumseh: "Say Cheese!" and Wine from The Boulevard Market - Local Business in Tecumseh MI - 08/13/08 09:30 AM
One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a gift certificate to a delightful shop in Tecumseh, because otherwise I may never have stopped in and discovered this gem.  The Boulevard Market is a small shop that is brimming with delicious treats.  You'll discover Artisanal cheeses, imported beers from around the world, special chocolates, spreads, tampanades, wines, salamis, olive oils, vinegars, fig cakes, pastas, coffees, herbs and on and on...
When I arrived with gift certificate in hand, I was greeted by the very friendly and knowledgeable owners, I had no idea which cheeses I would want from the awesome array in … (4 comments)

tecumseh: Grab a paddle and get ready for a treat....right in Tecumseh! - 08/08/08 09:46 AM

 I am having the most fun learning more and more about all the wonderful opportunities there are for fun and playtime right here in my own small town. 
Did you think you would need to drive somewhere to enjoy a peaceful canoe trip or the adventure of kayaking?  Well I did, until I read a recent article about the canoe and kayaks available for rent right here in Tecumseh. 

 Just run over to the Community Center located on Chicago Blvd just as you come into town from the east (you can't miss it, the … (3 comments)

tecumseh: $20,000 Price Reduction! - 03/11/08 08:11 AM
Visit TecumsehProperties.com for all the local listings … (0 comments)

tecumseh: Tecumseh Home For Sale - 03/10/08 07:36 AM

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tecumseh: New Listing in Tecumseh - 01/14/08 08:20 AM
For all the local listings visit TecumsehProperties.com … (0 comments)


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