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Here is a photo of my five awesome children! There is nothing better than having them all together. We had a send off for our oldest who is moving to California sunday.   Left to right: Rliey 19, Meghan 11, Kevin 24, Colin 11, Curran 19 YES I HAVE TWO SETS OF TWINS! BethAnn Long   www.BethAnnHome...
Here is a list of 101 things off the top of my head that I do as a realtor... and the list goes on! 101 Things YOUR realtor does..                                                            Buyer consults Buyer searches (MLS) Shows Homes and other properties (drive, drive, drive!) Contacts with l...
What are  Golden Moments ? Before I share what a golden moment is to me, meet my two golden retrievers Toby (left) and Sunny (right)    What is Golden moment? For me, a Golden moment is a either ordinary or extraordinary.Something that makes me laugh out loud, hold back tears, learn something new...
           North, South, East or West, Spokane Washington is the best! If you are considering traveling to, or buying real estate in Spokane. Wa. You are in for a treat! Let me give you a quick overview like a travelers guide of the basic areas of Spokane. Perhaps you know that Forbes Magazine ra...
No matter what you do, I think this is worth reading! MasteryBy Stewart Emery MASTERY in one's career and consciousness growth simply requires that we constantly produce results beyond and out of the ordinary. Mastery is a product of consistently going beyond our limits. For most people, it start...
I love being a realtor! Trust me, this career is not easy, but it is fascinating. It really has it's ups and downs, but hey I am never bored. My father was a leading broker in this area for many years. He is now 81 and recently renewed his license to "dabble". I guess real estate is in my blood. ...
I found  this article very interesting!  It suggests the bottom of the market may have been April 2008. TWT (Time will Tell) but I don't think we should assume prices will be falling. Buyers need to ask themselves: Are you concerned about pr...
Is this Market leaving you feeling COLD??? Hey - look on the bright side. In 1979 the interest rates were like 22% There is still so much opportunity, we just need to be patient and realize things could be MUCH WORSE! Count your blessings, it could be 1980! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX
When I got my RE Liscense in 2003, I had alot more accurate of an idea what riding the market meant because my father was a broker/owner of four offices for a good part of my growing up years. In fact, he recently came out of retirement (age 81) and renewed so he can dig up leads for me. Here is ...
Very interesting. You would think with all of the inventory, and good interest rates rates, buyers would be buying more real estate! I think some people are waiting for the bottom. When do you know prices are at their lowest? Easy- the answer is...when they start rising again! I think some folks ...

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