blogging: Does God use the Internet? - 02/20/11 01:40 PM
Does God use the Internet?
I have reason to believe he does.
I have been connected with some of the most wonderful people via my website and my blog! Many remain my good friends, and several have had a significant impact on my life and vice versa.
I have to wonder if God is behind some of these meetings. You may think I am NUTS but I once heard the coincidence is God's way of stay anonymous.
Through the past few years of blogging here on Active Rain I have had the pleasure of meeting clients who become friends. My website … (9 comments)

blogging: I am now a Nationally Syndicated Columnist! (Thanks to ACTIVE RAIN!) - 08/04/10 06:02 AM
Spokane Realtor, BethAnn Long of Coldwell Banker Tomlinson is now a nationally published author and syndicated Real Estate Columnist. BethAnn was discovered on ACTIVE RAIN and invited to be a regular contributing columnist for and .
The first site, is created for real estate agents and is an excellent free resource to gain ideas for growing your business. You can subscribe there to receive daily news e-briefs with all kinds of cutting edge idea's and up to the minute estate news! Her personal column is titled: "Long Story Short".
The second site,  is designed for brokers, owners, … (5 comments)

blogging: Why Active Rain is a priority in my life! - 02/28/10 01:40 PM
I stumbled upon Active Rain two years ago when I literally had no idea what blogging was. I set up a profile and kind of poked around. I started blogging, and getting comments. Since then I have become a regular here, and I want you to know why!
Active Rain connects me to the broad world of real estate professionals and it is truly amazing to feel connected to people all over the country! Active Rain is very therapeutic.I can share my challenges and triumphs in real estate and gain insight from others as they share theirs. It is therapeutic just … (84 comments)

blogging: "I'm too old to blog" he said...? - 02/02/10 11:09 AM
I invited an agent from another part of the country to join us here on Active Rain and enjoy the professional camaraderie.
When I didn't get an accepted invitation from him, I gave him a call.
"I'm too old to blog " he said. Now mind you, he is just a few years older than me!
I could not believe my ears! Too old to blog? No such thing! Can you breathe? If you have a pulse- you can blog!
I told him it would help his Internet presence and he should at least check it out. He replied " I … (8 comments)

blogging: Have we lost the Human Touch to the almighty Internet? - 12/05/09 02:11 AM
Just a short while ago in history, my grandparents gathered around the radio in the evening for the only outside source of piped in entertainment.
Then came my folks (now 79 and 83) who were introduced to television. I remember when cartoons were only on Saturday morning- and shows like the Wizard of Oz and Rudolf the rednosed reindeer were only available to see once a year, and therefore were literally magic.
Now we are inundated 24/7 with so much media, we don't even notice when all of our family members are on their laptops, listening to their ipods, texting, all … (5 comments)

blogging: Too busy to BLOG? - 07/21/09 05:12 PM
I have been so incredibly busy I have not had much time to BLOG! (work and kids!)
I have always loved writing, ever since I can recall. I have been a songwriter since I was a teenager.
I am not one to journal, but I do like to BLOG! Go figure.
I know many are saying the market is stale. I did have a difficult winter, we had record snowfalls, and many were affected by that and the economy. However, then came Spring...and it has been crazy busy!
I don't say this to brag, but to encourage the reader that the … (1 comments)

blogging: No cyber generation gap here! - 06/13/09 02:46 PM
Remeber the phrase "generation gap" ?
I think it started when the Beatles came over from London. Their long hair was offensive to the hard working generation of the great depression. This created a chasm between adults and teenagers. Ok truth be told, I have no idea when it started, that was just a guess.
But now at age 50, I am proud to say that I talk to my kids daily on facebook. I talk to my friends kids too and my 20 something clients as well. I blog, I text, I twit, I facebook- therefore I am.
Actually we used … (4 comments)

blogging: Blah, Blah, Blah, BLOG! - 08/31/08 04:43 AM
Why do I blog thee? Let me count the reasons...
I Blog because:
I like to write! I have been a songwriter for many, many years. Writing is therapeutic for me, and I would like very much to write a book someday. ( I am a lifelong resident of Spokane, WA and I truly love it here! I love to share things about our area, community, and my family! I love to show off the homes I have listed. I am passionate about my career as a realtor! I like to hear from folks all over the country, in fact the … (8 comments)

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