mn home stager: Protect our CHILDREN - what YOU can do in seconds! - 09/19/08 04:03 PM
For those that didn't see the show..or even watch Oprah, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to this one message.
Whether or not you have children, please help protect those who have them. I made veryone in my family sign this important piece of legislation...please do the same.
(Below info from
Help Pass Senate Bill 1738-The PROTECT Our Children Act Hundreds of thousands of children are victims of sexual abuse each year. Due to the sheer lack of resources, law enforcement is unable to follow up on the majority of leads they have.The PROTECT Our Children Act will:
Authorize over $320 million over … (1 comments)

mn home stager: AR NEWS FLASH - Wow, how did THAT happen? - 07/26/08 04:09 PM
Did you all see the latest GREAT news on AR??? I'm sure to some it may have seemed like years, but for me it seems like it happened so quickly!
Yep, our very own ActiveRain has reached 100,000 Members!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say my life has definetly changed since joining AR...and ALL for the better!
This place is a wonderful forum where I have developed many colleagues and friends (and some even feel like family)!
Thanks so much to the brains behind AR for all of their time, talent and hard work.

mn home stager: Model Home Furniture CLEARANCE Sale!!! - 07/24/08 03:19 PM
Attention Stagers or Homeowners in need of some new furniture...
We're downsizing some of our inventory and having a preview sale Saturday, Nov 1st. The larger sale will be ov 13th - 15th with the FINAL CLOSING SALE SUNDAY, Nov 16th!!!! All Must Go! 
Please give us a call at 612-532-0847 to set up a time for a private showing.  Great deals...great stuff!

If we don't see you...have a great weekend!
All the best,

mn home stager: Facebook - the new AR Home Stager hang out - 07/14/08 04:29 PM
So....I honestly have to say when I got my first invitation to this FACEBOOK thing, I was thinking:
1) What the heck?
2) Ok, I'm way too old for this
3) After getting umpteen emails from old high school and college friends...WOW, this thing is quite connected somehow.
I've also noticed quite a few friends from the AR World joining and requesting to link as friends, so I've started a group.
It's called - "Active Rain Home Stagers" :)
Feel free to join in...and let me know what you think of the whole facebook thing.  I'm still quite new I have to … (34 comments)

mn home stager: Fancy AR Backgrounds WHAT??? - 07/14/08 03:53 PM
Alright, I've been out of the loop a bit.
How are you all getting those funky backgrounds on your AR Profiles?
I.e. Mr. Jeff Tuner's Perspective

or Mr. Jeff Dowler:

And hey wait, Maureen Henry somehow even disabled the option to cut and paste.  I'm SO missing the inside scoop here!
P.S. Maureen - love the new profile pic!
Exactly how did you all do that???

mn home stager: Season 3...and the Winner Is???? - 06/09/08 02:45 PM
For those of you that know may remember I caught the end of Design Star Season 2 and thought it was pretty good.  I'd have to say good mostly beause I thought the rooms at the last few episodes were designed so well by all contestants.
 Season 3 just started. Have you been watching...and do you have early predictions???


mn home stager: If your Business is Growing, consider this useful tool... - 09/28/07 03:36 AM
When our Home Staging Company first started out we didn't see a need for a phone system, but now is a different story.  
For those of you that have multiple employees for your small business and are struggling to find the right phone set up so that your customers can reach you all...consider Onebox.  It has tons of great feautures and is reasonably priced.  If anyone can tell us of another similar system out there that can match this...please let us know!


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