mn home staging: 5030 Woodlawn Ave, Mpls, Minnesota - 09/19/08 04:14 PM
Historic spanish revival home offered for sale only the 4th time in 80 years. Original woodwork inspired by Tulips throughout and original art-deco bathrooms are amazing. Home sits on 3 city lots perched on ridge overlooking Lake Nokomis.
HUGE gorgesou formal living room with accent lighting.

Gigantic Master Bedroom with attached nursery...right on Lake Nokomis! Doesn't get better than this!

mn home staging: Protect our CHILDREN - what YOU can do in seconds! - 09/19/08 04:03 PM
For those that didn't see the show..or even watch Oprah, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to this one message.
Whether or not you have children, please help protect those who have them. I made veryone in my family sign this important piece of legislation...please do the same.
(Below info from
Help Pass Senate Bill 1738-The PROTECT Our Children Act Hundreds of thousands of children are victims of sexual abuse each year. Due to the sheer lack of resources, law enforcement is unable to follow up on the majority of leads they have.The PROTECT Our Children Act will:
Authorize over $320 million over … (1 comments)

mn home staging: Charice, Celine and OPRAH - 09/19/08 03:59 PM many of you saw this amazing little girl???????????
HAve to say she was phenomenal - and it's obvious lthis girl does not take no for an answer. I LOVE her!
Do you know an amzing little one? If is their chance!
Oprah's Search for the World's Smartest and Most Talented Kids  
Oprah is looking for children with extraordinary talent! Is your child funny? Does her amazing voice bring tears to your eyes? Does he have dance moves that rival the professionals? Or know more about world history, politics or pop culture than you do? If so, … (0 comments)

mn home staging: Who doesn't love Dr. OZ??? - 08/11/08 01:14 AM
 I've turned into quite the XM Radio fanatic...especially to Oprah's Channel :) While running around to various appts, what better thing to do than listen to the best?
If you missed Dr. Oz's latest session, check it out! Great stuff as always this time on the Comparative Anatomy.
Comparative Anatomy Listen In Comparative anatomy is the study of how different body parts, such as organs and bones, are put together in different types of animals. It can provide valuable clues about what makes us human. Dr. Oz talks with comparative anatomist Dr. John Fleagle about how we can understand our … (0 comments)

mn home staging: Oprah's XM - A Course in Miracles - 08/11/08 01:06 AM
Oopps...think I posted the first thing wrong. Let's try again.
Anyone an XM Radio fan? Have you heard the Course in Miracles yet? Amazing stuff...

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 224 Listen In When we know who we are, we know how deeply we are loved. It is like understanding that we have a Father who knows all things, sees all things and believes in us. This omnipotent, omniscient God is our Father, and we can enjoy a relationship filled with love and the answers to all our questions.God is my Father, and He loves His Son.My true Identity … (0 comments)

mn home staging: Cash Settlement - YOU may be due some cash from this! - 07/30/08 03:56 PM
 I just learned of something recently in Kipplingers magazine about a legal situation with TransUnion.
If you have a credit card, loan or credit account, you could get benefits from a class action settlement with of the three credit reporting bureaus. ALMOST EVERYONE has had a credit card, loan or credit report with them so please pay attention as you may be entitiled to money. Obviously they are not going to send a letter to each and everyone entitled to payment therefore please check out the site below to pursue it personally.
A recommendation would be to apply for resolution … (0 comments)

mn home staging: The NEXT Design Star on Active Rain! - 07/26/08 04:34 PM
Alright all of my Design Star Fan Friends...who (in your HO) is going to be THE NEXT DESIGN STAR?

I never get to watch the show but DVR it and just caught up recently. I thought it was a very tough week as these truly were my top 3 favorite designers.
So...between Jennifer and Matt - who do YOU think it will be?
I'm wondering if we need to start our very own little AR Design Star. Do you agree...and who would you nominate?

mn home staging: Selling your stuff...the key to MOVE IT QUICKLY!!! - 07/24/08 03:30 PM
So I'm new to Craigslist but have to say...holy cow!
Load up some good pics of your items, price it right...and get that phone ready to go!

Here are some tips i've learned while posting a couple of things we felt were too heavy and/or we didn't use often enough in staging:
1) Take GREAT Pictures. - Get all angles of pieces so people really get a sense of the items they are looking at.- Make sure the lighting is right. - Zoom in so you are seeing the actual item, not the entire room.
2) IDENTIFY where it is … (9 comments)

mn home staging: Model Home Furniture CLEARANCE Sale!!! - 07/24/08 03:19 PM
Attention Stagers or Homeowners in need of some new furniture...
We're downsizing some of our inventory and having a preview sale Saturday, Nov 1st. The larger sale will be ov 13th - 15th with the FINAL CLOSING SALE SUNDAY, Nov 16th!!!! All Must Go! 
Please give us a call at 612-532-0847 to set up a time for a private showing.  Great deals...great stuff!

If we don't see you...have a great weekend!
All the best,

mn home staging: Facebook - the new AR Home Stager hang out - 07/14/08 04:29 PM
So....I honestly have to say when I got my first invitation to this FACEBOOK thing, I was thinking:
1) What the heck?
2) Ok, I'm way too old for this
3) After getting umpteen emails from old high school and college friends...WOW, this thing is quite connected somehow.
I've also noticed quite a few friends from the AR World joining and requesting to link as friends, so I've started a group.
It's called - "Active Rain Home Stagers" :)
Feel free to join in...and let me know what you think of the whole facebook thing.  I'm still quite new I have to … (34 comments)

mn home staging: Fancy AR Backgrounds WHAT??? - 07/14/08 03:53 PM
Alright, I've been out of the loop a bit.
How are you all getting those funky backgrounds on your AR Profiles?
I.e. Mr. Jeff Tuner's Perspective

or Mr. Jeff Dowler:

And hey wait, Maureen Henry somehow even disabled the option to cut and paste.  I'm SO missing the inside scoop here!
P.S. Maureen - love the new profile pic!
Exactly how did you all do that???

mn home staging: GET IT SOLD! Minnesota Home Stagers Show Review - 04/20/08 08:08 PM
Ok - I've blogged about Home Staging / Design shows before but have to say with each "Get it Sold" show I watch I really am more and more impressed with Sabrina Soto and how the represent what Staging can really do. It's still a bummer they don't say what the cost for her expertise, services and labor is so that Sellers get a realistic idea of what it truly costs, but overall I think it is wonderful that they show how we partner with Realtors and Homeowners to help them price it right and package it perfectly for that coveted … (9 comments)

mn home staging: MN's Stage it Forward ROUNDTABLE - details are out! - 12/17/07 03:06 PM
Jsut sent out the evite.  If you did not get an email, please let me know your email address below and I'll add you to the list so you can get all of the details. 
Very much looking forward to seeing you all in January!!! 
(Above logo developed by Craig Schiller - our SIF guru!)
Attention all Professional Home Stagers!For those that aren't familiar there are Stagers "Roundtables" going on throughout the nation to unite Stagers of all kinds, regardless of your affiliations or training backgrounds. This is a FREE meeting and is meant to help unify and promote Professional Home Staging. Come meet your fellow Professional Home … (11 comments)

mn home staging: AR Look A Likes??? You decide... - 10/08/07 05:30 AM
Have you ever been told you LOOK LIKE SOMEONE...or they KNOW YOUR TWIN?
I have...and it cracks me up.  I love seeing what other people think I look like.
Some of my AR friend's photos occassionally remind me of someone or perhaps have certain features that strike a resemblance to some famous faces. 
Take a look at the few I've posted below and see if you agree.
***Disclaimer - These pictures and comparisons in no way, shape or form are meant to hurt anyone's feelings or images and are strictly meant to conjure up even a meere giggle in some of its readers. These are just my thoughts … (62 comments)

mn home staging: Guess who MAY be on OPRAH NEXT WEEK???? - 10/05/07 04:08 AM
UPDATED - See below!
So, it's a rainy day here in Minnesota and I'm sitting at my computer before heading out for some meetings today.  My phone rings and who is it???? 
 H A R P O      S T U D I O S ! ! ! !! 
For those of you that don't know what Harpo Studios is...oh boy! I'm sorry, but let me help you out from under that rock. You don't need to watch her show to know that Harpo is Oprah's Production Studio. 


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