If you're remodeling your kitchen on a budget – or equipping a new kitchen and haven't a clue where to start – focus on the kitchen sink. Yesteryear's limited selection of cast iron and stainless steel can't compete with today's stylish, modern sinks. Simply choose the mounting type and style, t...
Homes for Sale in Winchester, VA First time home buyers when buying a home there are things you should be aware of and not to do before buying a home.
Your gutters take care of your house in #WinchesterVA, but who's taking care of the gutters? Cleaning and maintaining your gutters is just as important as changing the oil in your car. Why Gutters Need Cleaning When your gutters get clogged, you'll see waterfalls pouring from their edges in warm...
Moving to #WinchesterVA is an adjustment, whether you are moving across town or relocating across the country.  Moving across the country can be much more challenging.  Relocation is rarely easy, but being prepared can help you make good decisions and ease the transition. Moving across town or ju...
Homes With A View Suppose you own a castle on the flats and your brother owns one high atop a hill that features amazing, unobstructed views. Aside from location, the two castles are identical. Which one has the higher resale value? If you guessed that it's the hilltop castle, you are correct. W...
Fall and winter is upon us and in the months generally known for colder weather, keeping our homes in Winchester VA warm is a top priority. Below are some steps you can take in your home to help conserve energy and save yourself some money in the process: Use A Programmable Thermostat: Heating an...

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