buying: First Time Homebuyers Benefits to Buying - 01/28/14 10:40 PM

As a first-time homebuyer, it's natural to suffer some anxiety during the process.  Just remember, there are numerous benefits to homeownership:
Renting                                                      Buying
-No tax benefit                                                -Greater stability
-No investment in or from the property                -Good investment
-No equity                                                       -Equity builds
-Rent payment can increase                               -First home often leads to better home
-Possibility of eviction                                        -Sense of security
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buying: Home Inspections When Buying A Home - 01/16/14 10:14 PM
Home Inspections An offer to buy a home in #Winchester #Virginia can include a “subject to” clause that is dependent on a home inspection. Not all buyers elect to include this clause because they may be purchasing a new home that is already under warranty, they may know enough about homes and building that the inspection is unnecessary, or they may want to save money.  I alway suggest a predrywall inspection and a final home inspection prior to settlement. 
Home inspections give you a professional assessment of a home’s condition. With such a major purchase as a home, an inspection gives … (0 comments)

buying: Avoid Financial Pitfalls When Buying A Home In Winchester VA - 01/10/14 01:57 AM
Avoid Financial Pitfalls When you buy a house, you enter into a long-term financial obligation. You fill out papers and sign legal documents based on those papers. It's important that you understand your responsibilities so that you won't be a victim, or a participant, in a fraud.
When you apply for a mortgage loan, every piece of information you submit must be accurate and complete. Anything less is considered loan fraud.
Unfortunately, there are people who may try to convince you to lie about your qualifications so that they can illegally make money at your expense. These people will appear to … (0 comments)

buying: How Much Home Can You Afford in Winchester VA? - 01/10/14 12:40 AM
How Much Home Can You Afford? The single most important part of buying a house is figuring out how much you can realistically afford to pay. You'll have to take a good look at your budget, debts, credit reports, and credit score.
Once you have a good picture of your financial status, start saving as much money as you can for a down payment, closing costs and other extra expenses that come along with buying a house. Extra expenses could include paying for a home inspection (around $300 - $500 depending on where you live) or hiring a moving company … (2 comments)

buying: Wells, Water Quality and Residential Water Testing - 01/09/14 04:46 AM
In urban and suburban areas where municipal water supplies are the norm, water quality is consistent from one home to the next. In more rural areas, however, water supplies must be carefully assessed to be sure they meet standards of healthfulness and abundance     year-round. Springs and wells can be wonderful water sources, but certain tests should be performed before you commit to buying a home with an independent water supply. Well Water Quality and Safety According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 15 percent of American homes are supplied by private water sources. Privately owned wells are not governed … (0 comments)

buying: Are You Ready to Buy a Home in Winchester VA? - 01/06/14 11:47 PM
Are You Ready to Buy a Home? Knowledge and experience are the keys to successful real estate transactions. The Internet is an enormous library of valuable real estate related information. Doing your research to gather knowledge as well as working with local REALTORS®, whose expertise and experience can interpret and guide you through the information, can be essential to your success in buying a home in #WinchesterVA that is right for you.
Planning is one of the keys to making the home buying process easier and more understandable. With research and planning, you'll be able to anticipate requests from lenders, lawyers … (0 comments)

buying: Considerations for Buying A Home - 12/19/13 12:16 AM
Considerations before you begin view properties, make a list of "must haves." 
Consider location, style, age and amenities. Don't view too many properties in one day. When your find a property you like, visit it at different times of the day. Walk or drive past a prperty before going inside. Don't be put off by interior decoration - it can be changed. Establish what's included in the sale-land, furniture, appliances, etc. Ask why the sellers are moving. Determine the annual property taxes. Ask how much utility bills cost each month.  
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buying: Planning On Buying A Home? - 12/14/13 12:04 AM

Being prepared to buy a home will put you in a much better position to negotiate and you will be able to take your time when you want to find the right home.  Whether you hope to purchase a home soon or you see it years into the future, it’s a good idea to start planning today. With proper savings and budgeting, you can be well on your way to living in your dream home sooner than later.
6 Reasons  to start planning:
Saving the down payment Repair or preparing your credit Research mortgage options Adjust your budget Get pre-approved … (0 comments)

buying: Planning to sell your current Winchester, Virginia home and buy another one? - 01/30/10 01:47 AM

Most homeowners would prefer to know where they're going to live before selling their current home. However, given current market conditions, you should buy before selling only if you can qualify to buy the new house and keep the older home should it not sell quickly.
Most homes sell if they are priced right for the market. But, to be on the safe side, be extremely conservative in estimating the probable sale price of your current home. And, factor in the possibility that it will take longer than you anticipate to sell.
An option for some sellers is to keep … (1 comments)

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