house: How To Furnish Your Home For Less - 12/01/15 03:18 AM
Starting out with a "blank slate" can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes if you have enough money to furnish your home with whatever you want from wherever you choose. Furnishing a home on a shoestring, though, takes creativity, an eye for a good value, and possibly some elbow grease.
While some discount stores, such as Ikea, sell inexpensive new furnishings, careful shoppers can find better quality for less money with used furnishings. Here are a few ideas for getting what you need at dramatically discounted prices.
Inspiration Whether you are furnishing one room or a … (2 comments)

house: Prepping Your Home for a Vacation - 05/01/15 05:01 AM
Vacations are a time to relax and escape from regular life. When you're miles from home, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home in #WinchesterVA. If you plan on taking a vacation this summer (or any time this year), here are some simple tips on prepping your home for a vacation.
Stop Your Newspaper and MailOne sure sign of being absent from your home is a pile of newspapers in the driveway. Contact your newspaper delivery person and stop service while you're gone. If you don't have a locked mailbox, contact the post office and … (0 comments)

house: How to Clean and Maintain Your Gutters - 11/18/14 01:00 AM
Your gutters take care of your house in #WinchesterVA, but who's taking care of the gutters?
Cleaning and maintaining your gutters is just as important as changing the oil in your car.
Why Gutters Need Cleaning When your gutters get clogged, you'll see waterfalls pouring from their edges in warmer weather, and icicles glittering along the bottom in winter. That's not the worst of it. Improperly cleaned and maintained gutters can lead to:
Water leaks inside your ceiling and adjoining walls: Water exerts a tremendous amount of pressure. Like most things, it will find the path of least resistance. For some … (0 comments)

house: Avoid Financial Pitfalls When Buying A Home In Winchester VA - 01/10/14 01:57 AM
Avoid Financial Pitfalls When you buy a house, you enter into a long-term financial obligation. You fill out papers and sign legal documents based on those papers. It's important that you understand your responsibilities so that you won't be a victim, or a participant, in a fraud.
When you apply for a mortgage loan, every piece of information you submit must be accurate and complete. Anything less is considered loan fraud.
Unfortunately, there are people who may try to convince you to lie about your qualifications so that they can illegally make money at your expense. These people will appear to … (0 comments)

house: How Much Home Can You Afford in Winchester VA? - 01/10/14 12:40 AM
How Much Home Can You Afford? The single most important part of buying a house is figuring out how much you can realistically afford to pay. You'll have to take a good look at your budget, debts, credit reports, and credit score.
Once you have a good picture of your financial status, start saving as much money as you can for a down payment, closing costs and other extra expenses that come along with buying a house. Extra expenses could include paying for a home inspection (around $300 - $500 depending on where you live) or hiring a moving company … (2 comments)

house: Are You Ready to Buy a Home in Winchester VA? - 01/06/14 11:47 PM
Are You Ready to Buy a Home? Knowledge and experience are the keys to successful real estate transactions. The Internet is an enormous library of valuable real estate related information. Doing your research to gather knowledge as well as working with local REALTORS®, whose expertise and experience can interpret and guide you through the information, can be essential to your success in buying a home in #WinchesterVA that is right for you.
Planning is one of the keys to making the home buying process easier and more understandable. With research and planning, you'll be able to anticipate requests from lenders, lawyers … (0 comments)

house: How to Set a List Price for Your Home - 12/30/13 05:08 AM
Setting the list price for your WinchesterVA home involves evaluating various market conditions and financial factors. During this phase of the home selling process, your REALTOR® will help you set your list price based on:
pricing considerations comparable sales market conditions offering incentives estimated net proceeds   Pricing Considerations – Find a Balance Between Too High and Too Low When setting a list price for your home, you should be aware of a buyer’s frame of mind. Consider the following pricing factors:
If you set the price too high, your house won’t be picked for viewing, even though it may be … (0 comments)

house: Market Conditions – Is it a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market? - 12/30/13 04:42 AM
A CMA (comparative market analysis) often includes a Days on the Market (DOM) value for each comparable house sold. When real estate is booming and prices are rising, houses may sell in a few days. Conversely, when the market slows down, average DOM can run into many months.
In a seller's market, you can price a bit beyond what you really expect, just to see what the reaction will be. In a buyer's market, if you really need to sell promptly, offer an attractive bargain price.
If You Price High, Set a Schedule for Lowering the Price Some sellers list at … (0 comments)

house: Take Control of Your Stuff - 12/21/13 07:59 AM
Take Control of Your Stuff As time goes by there's one thing you can count on: unless you're extremely vigilant, you'll end up with more stuff coming into your house than going out. You’ll begin to feel everything's too small, too cramped and too tight.
So how do you take control of your stuff? Organize your space, put things where they are easily found and store items so they can be seen. And – professionals say this is truly the hardest step –give away the things you've outgrown, never used or don't need any more.
Give Away What You Don’t Need … (4 comments)

house: Best Bet Home Improvements - 12/19/13 10:31 PM
Best Bet Home Improvements If you're looking to improve the appearance of your home for resale, or you just want an updated look for your own enjoyment, there are a few things you must consider before beginning any costly project.
Sure, you can spend a lot on something purely for the personal pleasure of having it - like that outdoor Jacuzzi under the attached gazebo - or you can go the practical route and make an improvement that will increase your home's market value, such as installing energy-efficient air-conditioning or repairing those shabby shingles. Be forewarned, however, and don't expect to … (0 comments)

house: Guide to Buying a New Home in Winchester VA - 12/17/13 01:33 AM

The following tips are good tips on buying a home in #WinchesterVA.
Making the best choices
What do you choose a regular house, a townhouse or a condominium, however in both cases these choices come with advantages and disadvantages attached to them. There will be different levels of security and possible benefits to enjoy, so make your choice wisely and work with your real estate agent to ensure you are making a good choice for your lifestyle and long term goals.  A great article to read when buying a home  by Bill Gassett a Nationally recognized leader in … (0 comments)

house: Resale Or New Home - 12/14/13 12:34 AM

One of the decisions most prospective homebuyers have to make is whether to buy a brand new house or a previously owned (“resale”) home. Here’s a comparison of some advantages to each choice:
New house:
Modern floor plans that could include a “great room,” bigger closets, more baths, etc.
The opportunity to choose upgrades and customize floor coverings, colors and more
More energy-efficient insulation, windows and heating/cooling systems
The added protection of a warranty from the home builder.
Resale home:
Existing features, including window treatments and mature landscaping
Location — existing homes are often closer to metropolitan areas

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