betsy purcell: No Mind Reading Needed to Find the Right Home for Sale - 06/29/13 11:02 PM
2-Step Method to Find the Right Acton Home for Sale
It was fascinating reading: especially if you currently have, or are looking for, an Acton home for sale. The New York Times’ headline was “After You Read the Listings, Your Agent Reads You.” 
I thought that sounded sort of hokey — especially since I’m one of the agents who is supposed to be doing the ‘reading.’
I had to agree with one of the signs for reading a client’s reaction to a given home for sale. If their “progress from the hall…through the living room…through the dining room…to the kitchen takes 30 to 45 … (2 comments)

betsy purcell: Acton Home Buyers May Skip ‘Starter Homes’ Altogether - 03/28/13 10:21 PM
Acton Home Buyers May Skip ‘Starter Homes’ Altogether
The concept of “starter homes” cropped up after the end of the Second World War, when millions of young families took advantage of low-cost new developments to gain a foothold in homeownership: the emblematic first step in fulfilling the American Dream.
Today’s first-time Acton area home buyers are a lot less predictable—just as the market itself is altogether different. As we recover from the previous years’ economic declines, which temporarily suppressed the number of Acton home buyers, the combination of low interest rates and historically affordable home prices allows many to aim for … (9 comments)

betsy purcell: 7 Things No One Tells Acton First Time Homebuyers-Part 1 - 03/17/13 08:36 PM
7 Things No One Tells Acton First Time Homebuyers
First time homebuyers in Acton are told a lot of things — 
“Save your money,” their parents advise.
“Location, location, location!” their friend’s friend cautions.
Reasonable advice, for certain. But there some important elements of the home buying process which a typical local first time homebuyer doesn’t usually hear. I’ve listed some of the most important ones, in no particular order: 
1.Mortgage rates you see advertised aren’t usually what you get The banner ads are everywhere online: “3.2% rates!” “No money down!” But the truth is, mortgage rates vary greatly. The only way you’ll … (2 comments)