first time buyer: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BUY A HOME? - 08/05/14 01:01 AM
Consumers considering a home purchase often want to get a handle on how it takes to actually buy a home.

The problem is this: it’s a surprisingly subjective and multilayered question. Answers tend to focus on the typical time it takes to close a home loan once you’re under contract, which is usually 30 to 45 days.
That’s an accurate response, but it’s a vantage point that leaves little room between the starting and finish lines. The home-buying journey—from financial preparation and finding the right home to getting under contract and through closing—tends to take a lot longer.
The reality … (3 comments)

first time buyer: 6 Home-Buying Mistakes for You to Avoid - 07/24/14 10:47 PM
Buying a home in Acton, or anywhere, can be exciting, but you don’t want to rush into it. Making simple errors while going about the home-buying process can cause a lot of stress—both emotional and financial—for years to come.

So, take some time to educate yourself about the common mistakes homebuyers make and your own home-buying experience will more likely be successful and exciting:
1. Going Over Budget
Don’t borrow more than you can comfortably afford. For example, don’t get a 15-year mortgage with high monthly payments when a 30-year mortgage will give you more wiggle room. Otherwise, you’ll be … (2 comments)

first time buyer: Should You Buy a Home Before or After Marriage? - 06/30/14 10:24 PM
All lovebirds need a nest, and nowadays you and your significant other don’t need to wait to tie the knot before you purchase a place to roost together. About one in four married couples between the ages of 18 and 34 purchase their first home together before their wedding date.

Yet, not all couples are suited to joining the pre-wedding, home-purchasing flock. Here are four tips to help you and your partner decide whether signing on the dotted line before or after you sign your marriage certificate is in your best interest.
1. Consider Credit Scores
If you are committed … (0 comments)

first time buyer: Acton Home Buyers May Skip ‘Starter Homes’ Altogether - 03/28/13 10:21 PM
Acton Home Buyers May Skip ‘Starter Homes’ Altogether
The concept of “starter homes” cropped up after the end of the Second World War, when millions of young families took advantage of low-cost new developments to gain a foothold in homeownership: the emblematic first step in fulfilling the American Dream.
Today’s first-time Acton area home buyers are a lot less predictable—just as the market itself is altogether different. As we recover from the previous years’ economic declines, which temporarily suppressed the number of Acton home buyers, the combination of low interest rates and historically affordable home prices allows many to aim for … (9 comments)

first time buyer: The Next 4 Things No One Tells Acton First Time Homebuyers - 03/20/13 09:55 PM
The Next 4 Things No One Tells Area First Time Homebuyers
Of all the things first time homebuyers in our Acton area are told, some that turn out to be pretty important are too often overlooked. Here are four items first time homebuyers will find useful to know: 
4. Remodeling costs more than you think
You’ve found a fixer upper, your energy is to be applauded. But before you write that offer, if you are one of our Acton first-time homebuyers, be certain to have penciled out the bottom line cost of bringing the home up to the standard … (1 comments)

first time buyer: 7 Things No One Tells Acton First Time Homebuyers-Part 1 - 03/17/13 08:36 PM
7 Things No One Tells Acton First Time Homebuyers
First time homebuyers in Acton are told a lot of things — 
“Save your money,” their parents advise.
“Location, location, location!” their friend’s friend cautions.
Reasonable advice, for certain. But there some important elements of the home buying process which a typical local first time homebuyer doesn’t usually hear. I’ve listed some of the most important ones, in no particular order: 
1.Mortgage rates you see advertised aren’t usually what you get The banner ads are everywhere online: “3.2% rates!” “No money down!” But the truth is, mortgage rates vary greatly. The only way you’ll … (2 comments)