sellers: August Already? - 08/01/13 09:54 AM
We can all feel it, can’t we?  As soon as we turn the page on our calendars to August, we know that there isn’t much left of summer so we try to squeeze in as much time outdoors as we can.  We don’t want to think about anything but how much more summer we can get before we start to change our wardrobes and our schedules.  In my neighbourhood, I see excitement starting for the little ones as they think that school is just about to start and they get to wear new clothes and use those clean books and sharp … (2 comments)

sellers: I Am An Accredited Senior Agent - 06/04/13 10:15 AM
A few years ago, I found myself very lucky in meeting 2 gentlemen...Chris Newell and Barry Lebow.  At the time, they were both teaching the Accreditation Programme to agents who were looking to tap into the senior market.  I have applied my knowledge many times because I do live in a neighbourhood where many seniors reside.  You may wonder why I'm writing this!  Well, I have a short story to share with you.
As the weather has turned nicer, there have been a few homes that have come on the market in the Sheridan Homelands neighbourhood.  I was out previewing homes … (2 comments)

sellers: Spring Landscaping - 04/18/13 05:02 AM
Once the first official frost is no longer a threat, don’t you just want to run out into your yard and startspring landscaping? All winter long the excuse of it being too cold, or everything is covered with snow is no longer an issue. Now that spring is here, gardening, landscaping and increasing your curb appeal is on most people’s minds.
Plan out your strategy for your landscaping in advance. Are you going to break it up in phases, or are you going to hire a landscape professional to help you plan? Ask for guidance from your local nursery or neighbors … (0 comments)

sellers: One Size Does NOT Fit All! - 02/11/13 08:52 AM
Every home has it's own features and therefore it doesn't fit everyone's needs. When your life changes, so do your housing needs. As a homeowner, you will have to decide what are your most important needs and should you continue to love your home or do you move!
Some of the changes could editions to your family which could be children, pets, elderly parent(s), becoming an empty nester, or a home office. To stay or move would depend on emotions and finances.
Should you renovate?
If you are outgrowing your space then perhaps your option would be to finish the basement, an addition … (0 comments)

sellers: Home Buying/Selling - 02/04/13 11:06 PM
Are you looking to buy a new home? Whether it's your first-time home buyer or whether you are a seasoned owner/buyer, it still is an exciting experience. Yes, there are days when you think that it will never happen. But, I can guarantee it, when you enter that right home, all your fears will be laid to rest.
We all know that the appearance of the home from the outside helps make a decision if we even want to go in and take a look. You have been told, and have read, by many that a buyer makes a decision within the … (2 comments)

sellers: The Generation Impacting The Real Estate Market - 01/08/13 06:28 AM
You have probably been hearing more and more about the “Boomer and Zoomer” generation in the last year than you have in the last 10 years.The hotter the Real Estate Market has become, the more interest has been taken towards this generation.Please understand, I am writing my opinion on this so if you disagree,
I have noticed in the past, many articles have been written to assist the ‘First Time Homebuyer’ with information on purchasing their new home.Well, who are they going to purchase it from if they are not buying from a builder (brand new).It will be a seasoned Seller or it … (2 comments)

sellers: You're Moved Into Your New Home! Now Make A List! - 12/19/12 09:43 PM
Congratulations! You’ve purchased a new home and are all moved in! There’s been a lot to take care of, like emptying boxes, loading up cabinets and drawers, and maybe even painting and decorating, but here are a few around-the-house tasks you may not have thought of that need to get done.The secret to a well maintained home is to start early. Now, don't get nervous, it's not all work, work, work. Doing your home maintenance bit by bit is a great way to accomplish it all, but over time so that there's plenty of room for relaxing too. Also, preventative maintenance … (13 comments)

sellers: Retirement Living In Mississauga - 09/19/12 10:12 AM
As the years start to slip by us, we start wondering whether we have saved enough for our retirement and look forward when our time will become our own.We look forward to being able to go on outings to the casinos or even to sporting events. If you are a golfer, or like me pretend to be, those snowbird trips south sound more and more appealing. So, if we're going to participate in all of this activity are you ready to downsize from the family home?The decision to make a move from your current residence into a retirement community is a … (0 comments)

sellers: Hope the Easter Rabbit was good to you!!! - 04/08/12 12:37 AM
Happy Easter to everyone from Mississauga ON.  Hope you have a wonderful celebrating with family and friends.  And, to those celebrating Passover, the same wishes are sent to you.
Betty Bart
Fine Homes in 905

sellers: The Importance of A Home Inspection - 03/12/12 10:41 AM
With the housing market continuing to spark bidding wars, there are buyers out there that are presenting offers without the benefit of doing a home inspection.  They feel that this will make for a 'clean' and 'strong' offer and will make it more acceptable to the seller. Big mistake.  Major problems are found after the fact and you, Mr. or Mrs. Buyer, have to come up with more money for the repair.  Buyers become very unhappy.  The home inspection is far from perfect.  But, it is the best way at this time to safeguard your investment.  It gives you the opportunity … (3 comments)

sellers: Evergreen Retirement Community Mississauga - 02/21/12 08:46 AM
Welcome to 810 Scollard Court, a Retirement Community in Mississauga.  Unit #209 is currently available for sale.  If you are looking for maintenance-free homes in the Evergreen Retirment Community, contact Betty at to discuss a care-free senior lifestyle.  If you want to experience the energetic senior living options that are available in today's active adult communities, you are sure to find it here.This community offers 42,000 sq. ft. of recreational activities.  If you desire independent lifestyle can find it here.  With the meal plans available, you can have lunch or dinner outside your unit or make your meal at … (0 comments)

sellers: The Year Of The Dragon - 01/20/12 06:44 AM
The Year of the Dragon - the most powerful Chinese Zodiac sign - starts on Sunday.  Millions of families will come together to feast and celebrate as the dragon breathes life into the New Year.It's the Year of The Water Dragon - the mystical creature that stirs excitement for it's strength, luck, intensity and vitality.  It's also a sign of authority.Not only is it called Chinese New Year, it is also called the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and is celebrated by Asian populations worldwide.It is a 15-day marathon of spending time with the family, of feasting and of giving … (0 comments)

sellers: Accredited Senior Agent Status - 11/01/11 01:31 PM
As a Real Estate professional, I am proud to inform you that I have recently acquired my Accredited Senior Agent status.  Along with me, the Canadian population is aging.  Therefore, selling real estate is changing, and will continue to change, in the ways we provide diligent services.  The course provided by Barry Lebow and Christopher Newell has trained me to deliver specific services to those of the mature and senior markets, their families, and those who are in need of special consideration. Not only will I continue to educate myself to assist ALL my clients, but now I have a larger complement … (3 comments)

sellers: Condo Living In Mississauga - 10/04/11 01:50 PM
Welcome to 810 Scollard Drive Unit #209 in Mississauga at Eglinton and Mavis Road.  A spotless unit in Mississauga's finest Retirement Lifestyle Community. Enjoy all the amenities of pampered living in an adult community for mature clients. This building provides 24 Hour Concierge, Medical & Shuttle Services. The building is close to all amenities, transit & highways.Also included in this unit are stainless steel fridge, stainless steel built-in dishwasher, cook top, and a built-in wall oven.  Beautiful granite counter tops make this kitchen shine.  White subway tiles were installed for the backsplash.  No carpeting in this unit.  You will also get … (2 comments)

sellers: Housing Market News - 08/17/11 01:49 PM
Well, here we go again. I had sent my monthly newsletter to my clients for the month of August stating that there was a hiccup in the financial market. Yes, there was and most of my clients, as probably everyone else's, locked their wallets and checkbooks up in a vault. Didn't throw away the key, but... Now, things were better last week and some have decided to get back into looking for and purchasing a home. Great. What do I see in the paper this morning? "Eager Buyers Keep Housing Hot". Isn't that the truth? Yes, there are buyers out there … (2 comments)

sellers: Adapting To Your New Neighbourhood - 07/27/11 01:33 PM
Here we are in the middle of July and we are all enjoying a wonderful start to the summer. If you were among the thousands who moved at the end of June/beginning of July, you are now probably just starting to make a small dent in all the boxes that came with you. At the same time, you're keeping your family busy and happy.Moving can be a huge upheaval to a family. You are in new surroundings and trying to adapt to new social activities. Everyone always says, 'moving wasn't so bad'. Or a Realtor will tell you, 'let me make … (1 comments)

sellers: "SOLD" - 04/27/11 02:27 PM
You have heard it a dozen times, "Your house will sell". Every realtor that knocks on your door, or telephones you, will tell you that they can get the best price in the shortest amount of time for your house. There are a few steps that 'should' be followed in order to get the end result - a SOLD sign on your lawn.These are just a few. I am not going to cover the advertising aspect of selling your house, that's for another day. But, you do want to hire a Realtor that will bring the most eyes onto your property.Here … (0 comments)

sellers: Penalties When Breaking A Closed Mortgage - 04/25/11 01:44 PM
This article in Moneyville in the Toronto Star, is a great piece about the mortgage penalties associated with breaking your closed mortgage, an issue that is very prevalent today. Most clients don't anticipate the high amounts that they have to pay out in penalties when they decide to refinance or sell their homes, as these numbers are not standardized across the different lenders, nor are these figures disclosed at the time of signing. Banks have always encouraged clients to go into five year fixed rate mortgage terms, yet the average time a Canadian will stay in a fixed mortgage term is … (0 comments)

sellers: Mortgages: Bank vs Mortgage Broker - 04/07/11 02:02 PM
When meeting with a client for the first time, I try to gather as much information about the buyers as I can while keeping the buyers as comfortable as possible. We have to discuss finances. Not a comfortable subject when you don't know eachother. It is very important to get your finances in order as you start your journey into home purchase. The more information that you can gather, the easier your journey will become. One of the mortgage broker's that I have recommended in the past has provided some information that might be useful to you. Read on and make … (2 comments)

sellers: Buyers Representation Agreement - 03/30/11 02:21 AM
As I was driving to my appointment with my buyers this evening, I heard a great commercial. It talked about the Buyer Representation Agreement. That was great for me, because it supported what I try to explain to my buyers at the first meeting. Since I've become a licenced real estate agent, I have known that I should be working only with buyers who sign an agency agreement. Those are the clients that deserve my time and effort. At times, I have become complacent and trusting. I don't want to lose a Buyer by asking them to sign the Agreement. Some … (3 comments)

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