buyers: I don't want to give my house away in Richmond, Va.! - 09/23/10 01:42 AM
This is what is now becoming a common statement during a listing presentation. It can also be followed by:
I paid this amount for this home and I won't accept less!! My friend, who watches houses all the time, looked up my home on Zillow* and they said it was worth much more than that! *You can change that from Zillow to Trulia, or facebook, or any other social media sites out there
I don't care what the market says, I won't sell for less than I think it is worth !!! I am waiting for the value of my house … (10 comments)

buyers: What can you tell me about the neighbors in Richmond, Va. ? - 06/17/10 02:58 AM
Clients become friends during the process of selling a home. We talk about lots of things from the weather to politics and over time the line between friend and client becomes blurred. There are questions that, as a REALTOR, the professional salesperson, and not the friend, jumps forward to answer questions. This question is a good example of just that.
REALTOR's are salespeople who follow a written code of ethics. If we do not adhere to the code of ethics our license, and consequently our job can be taken away from us.
As a REALTOR I can be the source of … (2 comments)

buyers: Richmond, Va. Open House Etiquette - 03/09/10 11:55 AM
The signs of spring are appearing! Flowers are beginning to pop , birds are singing, and there is an Open House sign on every street corner in Richmond, Va. !  With so many Open Houses we  need a course on how to act in an Open House to make the day fantastic!
First of all lets look at  who stops to view an open house.
Serious buyers - people who are  looking at purchasing a home in the next 60 days or so Possible buyers - people who aren't really looking but if they find something may be spurred into action  neighbors people who … (1 comments)

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