henrico county: Buy that second house NOW, and rent it out! - 10/21/10 02:49 AM
The economy doldrums have made all of us a bit skittish when it comes to spending money. But in the long run we want our money to work for us so we can have more for our retirement years. One of the best ways to do this is purchasing a second home, and renting it out.
I have said this before but want to strongly suggest the following: If you are considering purchasing a vacation home in the next two years, DO SO NOW!  There is a great article written in today's Real Estate News called " For Your Clients, 6 … (0 comments)

henrico county: Why Should We Fly the Low Cost Airlines based in Richmond, Va? - 10/12/10 08:18 AM
Yesterday I went to my first breakfast meeting of Henrico Business Leaders. The speaker was Jon Mathiason whose topic was "The Urgency of the Airport Traffic and its Impact on the Economic Growth of Henrico County and its Neighbors".
I moved to Richmond 27 years ago when RIC (Richmond  International Airport) was considered one of the most expensive airports to fly out of in the nation. Most of my neighbors would drive to Washington DC or other airports to get much cheaper flights. It was worth the time, drive, and effort for the savings in dollars. Flights were expensive because we … (0 comments)

henrico county: Thinking "out of the box" gets houses sold in Richmond, Va. ! - 10/11/10 11:33 AM
Richmond, Va is a town filled with history. From gorgeous Church Hill, where Patrick Henry made his famous "Give my liberty or give me death! " speech to Hollywood Cemetery where many political dignitaries have been laid to rest, Richmond overflows with homage to the past. But, when it comes to selling houses following what has been done in the past is not necessarily the way to advertise and sell houses today.
First I changed my signs. No need for brochures with the information on the sign for all to see!

Each listing gets their own sign and dedicated webpage which is clearly printed … (2 comments)

henrico county: I don't want to give my house away in Richmond, Va.! - 09/23/10 01:42 AM
This is what is now becoming a common statement during a listing presentation. It can also be followed by:
I paid this amount for this home and I won't accept less!! My friend, who watches houses all the time, looked up my home on Zillow* and they said it was worth much more than that! *You can change that from Zillow to Trulia, or facebook, or any other social media sites out there
I don't care what the market says, I won't sell for less than I think it is worth !!! I am waiting for the value of my house … (10 comments)

henrico county: Should I accept a First Right of Refusal when selling my home in Richmond, Va. ? - 09/02/10 10:30 AM
Here in Richmond, Virginia getting a contract on a home is the first thing a listing agent wants for their client! But,with the current market, many sellers are reluctant to allow purchase offers with a First Right of Refusal. I think this is "poppycock"! If a buyer must sell their house before they can purchase another this must be allowed to get current homeowners moving!
Buyers have more negotiating power if they have as few contingencies to place in a contract as possible. They understand the best possible scenario for them is to come to the negotiating table with a huge down payment, … (1 comments)

henrico county: What can you tell me about the neighbors in Richmond, Va. ? - 06/17/10 02:58 AM
Clients become friends during the process of selling a home. We talk about lots of things from the weather to politics and over time the line between friend and client becomes blurred. There are questions that, as a REALTOR, the professional salesperson, and not the friend, jumps forward to answer questions. This question is a good example of just that.
REALTOR's are salespeople who follow a written code of ethics. If we do not adhere to the code of ethics our license, and consequently our job can be taken away from us.
As a REALTOR I can be the source of … (2 comments)

henrico county: Richmond, Va. Open House Etiquette - 03/09/10 11:55 AM
The signs of spring are appearing! Flowers are beginning to pop , birds are singing, and there is an Open House sign on every street corner in Richmond, Va. !  With so many Open Houses we  need a course on how to act in an Open House to make the day fantastic!
First of all lets look at  who stops to view an open house.
Serious buyers - people who are  looking at purchasing a home in the next 60 days or so Possible buyers - people who aren't really looking but if they find something may be spurred into action  neighbors people who … (1 comments)

henrico county: Lunchtime Open Houses! - 10/01/09 09:29 AM
I started something new today and I am excited about the future!
Thinking that more businesses are open seven days a week, making weekends difficult for some to come to open houses, I started my Lunchtime Open Houses. Starting at 11 and ending at 1 these are in different locations throughout the week, allowing people to come on their lunch hour! And today, first day out,someone loved the house and is bringing the spouse back to see it!
The reasons for coming to an open house during the week include:
Parents are often running around after work and on weekends with … (7 comments)

henrico county: How does a Realtor get paid? - 09/20/09 03:05 AM
One of my first time homeowners asked a really great question - How does a Realtor get paid? And another client, who had not purchased a home in quite a while, asked a similar question "Is a Realtor still paid by the seller? "
The majority of Realtor's work on commission. The rate of commission is determined, and agreed to in advance of a sale, or transaction, by the Realtor and their client. This should be a signed agreement so there is no confusion in the future!
Most Realtors are paid their commission by the seller's closing costs after the closing … (2 comments)

henrico county: Thinking of putting your house on the market next year? - 09/10/09 09:48 AM
I am beginning to get calls from people who are thinking of putting their house on the market next year. Their question is usually " What should I do now?".
Call a Realtor today. There are two reasons for doing this:
You can get opinions and suggestions on what needs to be done to get your house ready to sell. Your Realtor should go through your house with a fine tooth comb. Talk to you about what you are planning on fixing, and make you aware of problems you may have overlooked. 
You can get an idea of what your home might sell for today. … (0 comments)

henrico county: Two directional signs are one too many! - 08/09/09 01:50 PM
Yesterday I wrote about having to call Miss Utility here in Central Virginia before we could place our large "For Sale" signs in the yard of our listings. Today I would love your input on what you think about directional signs and their usage.
Here in Central Virginia each county has their own laws regarding directional signs. Here is a list of all of the counties and their ordinances.
Signs help us generate sales, increase traffic and more importantly generate business. But as more of us use directional signs I am finding neighborhood associations are beginning to take matters into their … (7 comments)

henrico county: New Sign Requirement in Virginia - 08/08/09 09:52 AM
Perhaps this has always been a requirement we were supposed to follow but in the past two weeks the Realtors in Central Virginia have been told to call Miss Utility, the group that marks where utility lines are, before we can put a sign in the yard. By sign I mean anything larger than a coat hanger size frame inserted into the ground. Miss Utility  haa 48 hours of a normal work week (Monday- Friday) to mark the lawn so we can put up a sign. Here are the problems:
What happens when 48 hours pass and Miss Utility has not been able … (18 comments)

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