credit repair: Happy Labor Day!!! - 09/03/10 11:24 AM
Yes, Happy Labor Day is appropriate.  Some of us really enjoy our work.  We want to work even when we don't have any work to do.  Whether business is booming or not.  When most of us get into the our work mode - we don't know when to stop working.  Don't get me wrong I love the work that I do helping other people everyday, is my passion.  Helping people clean up their credit, reduce the debt, or lower their mortgage payment.  And yes business is booming.  Many realtors are using our service now to help their clients improve their credit … (2 comments)

credit repair: Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) - 08/27/10 12:04 PM
Just how many real estate sales books do you think that are out there?  Do you think there are over 50 books?  Do you think there are over 100 books?  There maybe over 1000 sales books on the market these days.  But none of them will help you more then having the mindset of helping other people everyday (hope).  The best sales tactic that you could ever use is the sincere concern for helping other people.  We must keep hope alive.  It maybe considered an old-school way of doing business.  But in order to thrive during these economic trying times, we … (0 comments)

credit repair: From The Bottom To The Top (Get The Credit You Deserve) - 08/13/10 12:20 PM
Have you taken the time to look at your credit report?  You may be very surprised what's on your credit report.  In a perfect world we would all have perfect credit.  Matter of fact, in a perfect world who would even need credit.  I would trust you, you would trust me, not to mention even the banks would trust you.  I guess we should stop dreaming.  So many people believe that you can't have a piece of the American Dream with bad credit.  Well, maybe they are right.  So do something about your credit if you don't like it. 
First things first.  The … (1 comments)


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