All I have heard after the swearing in ceremony of Almighty O was he is not the President because the Oath of Office was done incorrectly.  Oh, please give me a break. Alright, enough is enough.  Last night Obama took the Oath of Office again and this time Justice Roberts got it right. Yes, Rober...
I have hear and read a lot about term limits over the years.  I have always supported term limits for all types of elected positions.  One of the key problems with professional politicians is they have lost touch with their constituents because the only world they know is the political world and ...
Why is Competition bad?           Here is a thought: The basic problem with our educational system in this country is there is no competition in our government schools.  As adults we choose what grocery store, what gas station, or department store we are going to spend our money.  This choice is ...
A growing trend with experienced home buyers is one I highly recommend for the first time home buyer. Pick our home inspector as early as possible.  While you are picking your real estate agent also be looking for your home inspector.  By not waiting till after you pick the home you want to buy, ...
 It is going to be interesting to watch the news media's metamorphoses over the next week from the glass is half empty to the glass is half full reporting style.  I expect to see the reports on the economy to slowly start to change from Chicken Little the sky is falling to look the sun is shine. ...
With all the media coverage of the United States' Inauguration of our first Black President let us not forget the REAL message to the WORLD!  Here in the United States of America ever four years, despite our differences, we have the a Constitutional system in place that allows us to chance our le...
Oh, sorry the title should read 600,000 new government jobs.  600,000 new government jobs all part of Obama's so-called stimulus package.  600.000 government jobs are going to appear from where?  The real question is do Americans understand what a government jobs is?  Are government jobs self-sus...
Big City Newspapers are at best going to see a severe decline in readership and at worst their days are numbered.  I say Big City newspapers and not all newspapers because I feel the Small Town or community newspapers with they focus on very local issues are probably going to survive the assault ...
It is being reported that President-elect Barack Obama (PEBO) plans to give Al Qaeda and Taliban a great victory by issuing an executive order during his first week in office to close the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo). How fast will it close is not know.  It will depend on...
House bill H.R. 7309  that Rep. Gohmert has introduced would suspend all federal income tax on wages earned and FICA withholding for 2 straight months. This tax holiday would be a direct stimulus to the economy by allowing workers and families to decide how to spend or save their money, instead o...

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