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   As the Father's day feels wear out and the 4th of July craze is fast approaching, retailers are boosting up their sales to get you to spend your bucks before the independence day. If you can't wait till the actual post-independence day sales to kick in, you're in luck. From indoor & outdoor fu...
     As what the last decade has shown us, it's not enough to just get that dream home... you need to be able to afford your dues and live comfortably at the same time. This is why the secondary market's job is to proactively take interest in making sure the buyer buys within their means. Fannie ...
How to Win a Bidding War      Now let's say you've finally found the home of your dreams. The home that you'll most likely have your first child in. The home that you'll live with your spouse for many years to come and make cherish moments in.   But unfortunately for you, there's another homebuye...
          Getting a good credit score is a huge financial asset. This could make for a negotiable mortgage agreement if you wanted to buy a house, get a credit card (with higher credit limit)... or a even a favorable car loan.  So basically credit scores measures your acceptability as a tenant. T...
Buying a home is BIG decision to take... both personally and financially. For some, this maybe a grueling process to go through. So follow these tips on How to Become a Clever Homebuyer and you're well on your way to buying your dream home.   Educate yourself Be in control of your homebuying exp...
         Real Estate might be a seller's market but you can still ruin your chances of getting a serious buyer, while mortgages are still low, or by agreeing on the right price if you mess up your open house. Here are some open house mistakes you should never follow:   1. Hovering       Basicall...
Activities You Can Do with your Kids this Summer in Tampa     It's that time of the year when your kids are free from school (for now) and the scorching heat just makes you want to live in the pool for the rest of your life. Yup, it's summer! These are the times where you usually ask yourself, hm...
Have a tight budget on your backyard remodeling? These funky DIY Backyard design are not only cool and creative but it also costs no to little money. Here are some below ↓      Easily clean your feet off with a simple waterproof frame filled with flat stones. Flat stones will feel good, trust me...


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