home loan: Your Rights when Shopping for a Home Loan - 06/24/15 01:25 AM
   When you shop for a mortgage loan, you have certain rights that are guaranteed by The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). RESPA is a consumer protection statute from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
   RESPA is designed to help you be a better shopper during the home buying process. Knowing your rights before you enter into any loan agreement will help you get the best loan possible. You have the right to:
Shop for the best loan for you and compare the charges of different mortgage brokers and lenders. Be informed about the total cost of your … (1 comments)

home loan: Mortgage Requirements to Ease this August - 06/22/15 12:22 AM

    On August 1, 2015, loan documents to homebuyers are going to be simpler and easier to understand. Two new forms, a Loan Estimate and a Closing Disclosure, will replace the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, the Good Faith Estimate, and the Truth-in-Lending disclosure form.
    The purpose of the new forms is to simplify closing information and make it simpler for consumers to compare their estimated costs to final costs.
    Created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with input from consumers and industry groups such as the NAR, the new forms will hold lenders to three-day deadlines so that consumers … (1 comments)

home loan: Why You Need A Mortgage Broker - 12/13/14 05:32 PM

Mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, bank originators and credit unions all have a place in the housing marketplace.
Together, they give mortgage consumers lots of room to shop around, not just for the best rates and terms, but also for the type of service that comes with obtaining a mortgage.
What mortgage source is best for you depends on your personal and financial needs.
This week, we are taking a look at the benefits of shopping with mortgage brokers, based on information from their trade group, National Association of Mortgage Brokers.
NAMB isn't going to cheer other mortgage sources. … (1 comments)

home loan: Smart Ways in Getting Your Home Loan Approved - 04/29/14 01:48 AM

         In these days, almost anyone can get a mortgage approved - just as long as you can prove you don't need it.
However, today's market has changed compared to that of the last decade. It can be difficult to get a mortgage loan compared to that of 5 years ago and it may be tougher to keep that home loan intact.
But don't worry, there are Smart Ways in Getting Your Home Loan Approved and intact. See below.
Getting Your Mortgage Application Approved
        The mortgage approval process is typically basic. You just need to … (0 comments)

home loan: How To Get The Lowest Mortgage Rate On Your Home Loan - 02/20/14 12:52 AM

So you're shopping for mortgages, thinking How To Get The Lowest Mortgage Rate On Your Home Loan. Aren't we all.
But in order to do that, finding the right deal might mean taking a lot of information in. This might be confusing, and that's why most rate-aware shoppers use Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculations to compare between mortgages. 
What's APR?
APR is a government-started math formula that measures the long terms cost of a loan from the moment you close to the moment you pay-off. It is measured by taking the original loan size and accounting it for closing cost and prepaid items, … (1 comments)

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