how to: How to use Cash Gifts as Down Payments - 06/03/15 05:15 AM

   In order to get into the housing market, many homebuyers are accepting gifts from family or friends in order to meet down payment requirements by lenders. In fact, as of 2012, one in five Baby Boomers has either gifted, loaned or co-signed a loan to help children or grandchildren buy their first home.
   But along with other borrowing restrictions following the housing bust in 2008, lenders cracked down on down payment gifts, too. No longer can a homebuyer "pass the hat" to relatives and friends in order to come up with enough cash to put down on a home, whether … (0 comments)

how to: Fixed Rates doesn't mean Fixed Mortgage Payments - 04/02/15 08:01 PM
   This is one of the best times to get a fixed-rate mortgage. A fixed rate simply means that the mortgage lender charges you a fixed rate of interest that doesn't ever change over the life of the loan.
   If you get a fixed rate of 4.00 percent, you will be paying four percent in interest until you sell the home. At such a low rate, it's unlikely you'd refinance.
   You can see how much you pay in interest in an amortization schedule. The longer you pay on a fixed rate, the more interest you pay down because your … (1 comments)

how to: How to Qualify for a Refinance - 04/01/15 12:44 AM
   You may think it's your last chance to refinance your mortgage before interest rates go through the roof. Or, you feel your home's value has risen enough that you can get a better deal on your mortgage debt.
   So how do you determine whether or not you qualify to refinance? First, establish how much equity you have. To refinance without paying private mortgage insurance, your LTV has to be 78 percent or less.
   According to Zillow, you should find out how much your home is worth and how much you still owe on your current mortgage. Then … (0 comments)

how to: What to Do Before You Move - 02/03/14 11:33 PM

So you finally got that new job. But the catch is, it requires you to move to another place. But don't start packing just yet, you've still got to secure a house first. Here, you'll know What to Do Before You Move.
Moreover, with the economy slowly but steadily improving, post-graduate students find it easier to get hired. Moreover, these employees usually get hired in a different town. Fortunately, as mortgage guidelines simplifying, more and more graduates and relocated employees become homeowners.
Recent graduates from law, business, and medical school, as well as relocating W-2 employees, can now use their expected … (1 comments)

how to: Things You Should Know About Your Pool - 12/01/13 05:14 PM

         Other than the prestige and privacy that it brings, having your own pool can take an extra amount of work. A lot of pool and spa owners hire professional pool cleaners or technicians. Aside that it's expensive, it's also unnecessary and impractical to have someone handle every aspect in keeping your pool sparkling clean. That being said here are the simple Things You Should Know About Your Pool.
        Save more on pool chemicals by applying these at night. Since sunshine terminates chlorine in water, it's better to apply chemicals when the sun isn't … (3 comments)

how to: Tips on Taking Care of Trees at Home - 08/27/13 10:31 PM

    Do you have a tree in your front or back yard? Do wish to make more appealing to your guests or to your children while keeping it healthy and alive for years to come? Here are some tips on taking care of trees at home.

 Let's start by having your trees pruned. Have your tree(s) examined by a professional (like arborists) that keeps check on dead wood, insect related issues, and other sorts of problems. It's advisable to leave tree pruning to the pros but if you want to do it yourself, make sure to cut branches at the … (1 comments)

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