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How much action is there to support all the "talking" that you or your company does? There is an old saying in business and life "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" Companies, businesses and individuals-in-business spend billions of dollars a year on advertising and marketing with the singular obje...
"I want a leader who will rally the Nation to action and sacrifice, to achieve energy independence in 10 years, like Kennedy did the moon shot........... IT IS THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE! Good Afternoon Friends, A recent blog post from Allison Scott (
I decided to write something a little different this time....Enjoy About 2 years ago, I was planning a business trip to Richmond, VA. and was trying to decide what mode of transportation to get me there. I was in Charleston, SC at the time and of course had several options. (Incidentally, Charles...
Several articles /blogs I have read recently, that are seemingly unrelated have raised the question (at least in my mind), what would happen if the critical parties involved in a real estate transaction needed to get to the documents of that particular transaction and what would be the value of a...
A recent article in (Janesville, WI) spelled out some very interesting facts and dispelled some of the myths of title insurance. More importantly, it underscored the confusion that exists among consumers, agents and brokers alike, regarding title insurance. It is a good read and v...
Dear friends, Sometimes we don't know until it is too, how do we know or better yet, how do we find out?.......Surveys! Surveys ARE great!. I recently sent one to my customers for their feedback and experience using our technology and settlement services. The feedback was honest and...
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author unknown This is one of the most simple underlying principles of sales and also life.... yet it is easily one of the most difficult for people to accomplish, let alone even comprehend. ...

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