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Good afternoon friends, This morning I took my car into the service shop today to have the oil changed. I have been going to this particular mechanic shop for several years now and for reasons that I will explain later, I was not disappointed. It is easily one of the best experiences that I have ...
A successful and positive week. Let's start it off on the right foot and be the change that we want in our businesses, our communities, our lives and society at large. Be safe   Thanks for stopping by   To your success Until next time my friends, LEADING EDGE TITLE SOLUTIONS Matching experience w...
How do you thank your clients? More importantly, how do you ask for their business? How do you constantly tell them how much you really value them? We all want to feel valued. We all want to feel like someone cared enough to go the extra mile, to do that extra whatever, to really show us that we ...
Hello my friends, How many missed opportunities have you witnessed or experienced, because of a miss-understanding or mis-communication to a prospect or vice-versa. I can assure you it happens a lot more than any of us would care to admit. Half the battle is recognizing it before it happens, but ...
  Good morning friends! In property searches and legal descriptions, many times you may run across the above in the language of the deed. An Easement is the right to use another individual land owners property for a stated purpose. It can be general or a specific part of the stated property. A Ri...
                                                                                                                      Good morning friends Every day is important. The fact that you get to get up and actually experience it, should be enough to be grateful. Here are a few idioms to mind us of how f...
Hello again my friends,                                                                      A chain of title, you ask? Every lender typically requires it. It is includeded in most title commitments and final policies and then recorded as a matter of public record, so what the heck is it? Very si...
Hello again, Friends! If you have ever been to a real estate closing, which I imagine you have and at the very least you know something about it, you know the amount of paperwork involved from a lender to a borrower has become mind boggling. Some lender closing packages have as many as 100 pages ...
Good morning friends, This is the first in a series of posts to help real estate and mortgage professionals better understand the title process and its importance in the completing of a transaction. I want to thank, my friend, Richard Smith ~ see Richard's Real Estate Thoughts for suggesting this...

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