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Auctioneer trusted with a 1.5 Million Dollar Horse, Why Not a House  Valuable assets are sold every day at Auction. Including this Arabian Filly that sold recently at Auction for 1,550,000 dollars and No/100 cents....Sold by Auctioneer Joseph Mast. So the question remains why is it so hard for re...
Commercial Real EstateWhat: 3.8 +/- acres commercial propertyWhen: Thursday, April 6th @ 10:00 AMWhere: 427 North Market Blvd Webster, Florida 33597Auction Format: Download the Bidding APP / Online iphone or AndroidAuction Website:  http://myersjackson.comFinal Inspection: Call for Inspections pr...
Florida Property Appraisers: Recent Florida Land Sale Link Provided Below  Most Florida Property Appraisers have recently revisited accessed property values including all Sumter County Land for Sale or that has sold in recent months and can be found on most internet sites as recorded sales. This ...
Can multiple properties be sold at one real estate auction event?  A real estate auction gives a seller the opportunity to showcase various properties all in one shot. A seller may have more than one asset he/she is looking to liquidate and a well-planned real estate auction process offers the op...
Are reserves or a minimum bids used for real estate auctions? Question 2Sellers have the right to choose to have a reserve or minimum bid. This topic is addressed during preliminary meeting between the seller and auctioneer. This amount remains confidential and is undisclosed by choice of the sel...
new york land for sale sees active markets with auctionsNew York Land For Sale: Not long ago I met Allen Olmsted and New York Land Broker. He mentioned to me that he would like more listing oppotrunities. I talked to him about how to use auctions to do exactly that. In January of 2017 we both sta...
Real Estate Auction Question #1Real Estate Auction sales methods of marketing working the best?When a seller’s objective is to sell real estate in a specified time frame, the Real Estate Auction method is an attractive solution. An auction can achieve market value in an accelerated manner under t...

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