online only real estate auctions: Online Only Real Estate Auctions: Extended time feature - 03/19/08 07:38 AM
Online Real Estate Auctions Offer Extension's to Buyers
A very unique feature aids a successful online real estate auction event is the auto extend feature that allows the online real estate auctions to continue on past it's original closing time. The feature allows for the rise of competition to grow within the last minutes of the auction which is exactly the time when competition really heats up. It increases the chances of the property to be sold because it encourages the competition to extend and the best way to obtain market value for a property is through the aggressive competitive notion of … (0 comments)

online only real estate auctions: Real Estate Auction Bidding - 03/17/08 01:05 AM
Bidding in Real Estate Auctions
Real estate auctions can be of great use for those seeking to either sell a property quickly or a buyer seeking to get a great find at a good price. Real estate auctions can offer market value properties that are attainable in different ways. Online only real estate auctions opens up the a world of opportunity for anyone interested in property. Being able to view the bidding from anywhere in the world makes the real estate auction easily accessible and therefore the property has a higher chance of getting sold in timely and cost effective manner. The … (0 comments)

online only real estate auctions: Online Only Real Estate Auction Bidding - 03/06/08 07:07 AM
The online bidding has begun for the 14.9 acres of Florida land that is up for auction. This online real estate auction will close on March 18th at 2:00 p.m. Using the online only real estate auction method gives the buyer the oppurtunity to register without ever leaving the comfort of their own home and takes out the traveling costs, and amount of time necessary for a live real estate auction. All the terms and conditions are provided and are fully visible to each individual registered buyer interested in the property. There are also pictures of the property, information packages, and a detailed outline … (0 comments)

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