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  We recently had a Buyer for one of our listings utilize our "Buy Now" feature to avoid being caught in a bidding war.  In this particular instance, the Listing Agent listed the home for $285,000 in the MLS.  Her CMA came in at $315,000.  Our strategy is to list a home in the MLS at roughly 10%...
If you are a listing agent, did you know that you're already running an auction?  It's called a painfully slow Dutch auction.    A Dutch auction is when an auction starts with a high price, and the bid decreases until someone accepts the price.  Maybe that's a tad over-simplified, but you get my ...
A photo believed to be the only one of its kind of legendary gunslinger Billy the Kid sold at auction this weekend for over five times the amount that the auction's organizers thought it would.  The experts believed that it would fetch somewhere around $300,000 - $400,000.  It actually sold for ...
    Richard Weisser had a featured post the other day about "pool culture" that I commented on.  Well, it looks like even the black bears in Central Florida are part of the pool culture here as well. Apparently the nice fellow in the picture decided to take a dip in a Seminole County (just North ...
I know what you're thinking... "Yeah right, another BS claim about how I can become a gazillionaire selling real estate."  You're right, you won't become a gazillionaire selling real estate, because gazillion isn't a real number.  You CAN however, force multiple offers on every type of listing e...
  I came across an interesting article on Florida Realtors' website.  I found the following paragraphs of particular interest: Sellers benefit from auctions by reaching buyers and investors across the globe, requiring non-contingent contracts, eliminating numerous showings and price negotiations,...
Good ol' hot and sunny, Mickey Mouse lovin', roller coaster ridin', all-you-can-eat buffeting Orlando is apparently a pretty dangerous place to walk around.  The City Beautiful was recently named the most dangerous in the entire U.S. for pedestrians.  Here's the article.  And not just once, but f...
  I saw an article today about how police in Mexico found 513 migrants in two trucks headed for the U.S. (yes, 513 in two trucks) They were discovered by using X-ray scanners on the trucks at checkpoints along the road.  Now, I won't go in to what my thoughts are on illegal immigration, nor will...
  I was just sent this from my Mom.  It's a short video on how to quickly retrieve something that fell down a drain.  It's great tip for saving time and/or money.  No need to take apart the plumbing trap yourself, or even worse, call a plumber, which can get pretty expensive.  Great for the inev...
Has your town been visited by the disciples of Harold Camping of the Family Radio Worldwide Network?  He's the guy who is predicting that all hell (literally) is going to break loose next Saturday, May 21st.  According to Reverend Camping, there will be cataclysmic earthquakes and worldwide destr...

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