google: Market Trends - 08/06/09 06:16 AM
This graph shows the reduction of new construction inventory on the Eastside.  As you can see the trend is leveling off at about eights months of inventory based on pending sales.  Just about every trend is showing a leveling off over the last three months.
Even the Case Shiller index has leveled off over the last three months.  This takes us back to prices around June of 2005: (Index over last 12 months)
There was a dramatic increase in the prices of homes sold vs the for sale price.  This probably reflects the increase sales in higher price ranges … (0 comments)

google: First Google… Now Yahoo... Here come the Relos? - 08/06/09 04:30 AM
Rumors where flying and people where making plans for years anticipating the wave of new Google employees.  Hundreds would move into town and into the corporate center in Kirkland. (See my blog from earlier)  When the economic climate changed so did Goggle's plans.  The migration of high tech, high paid new home buyers fizzled.
Now Microsoft to the rescue.   Enter the partnership with Yahoo, 400 Yahoo employees will be hired by Microsoft.  No one is sure where these people will move to... but we d know that Microsoft has reworked its relocation department. 
The real estate company that had an exclusive relocation … (0 comments)

google: Google Where are You? - 02/19/09 09:38 AM

The Kirkland, WA Google Lakeview Office Complex.
The plan to build the Google offices in Kirkland started years ago.  It sounded great for everyone, especially the Eastside Real Estate Market.
The rumor was that Google had grown and matured as a company and now had 100's of middle mangers and directors.  They could not all make millions a year but they made good six figure incomes.  However, around San Francisco and Mountain View California, six figures doesn't buy much.  So the plan was to move some of this group to Kirkland where their salaries could buy nicer homes and schools … (1 comments)

google: The End of Google, Yahoo and MSN? - 10/08/08 03:33 AM
The End of Google, Yahoo and MSN?
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."  George Hegel
It's 1978, Communications 101 at the University of Washington. The history of communication is all of one chapter in a very large text book.  It begins with the first printing press, ends with network Television.  The next big technology wave was the coax cable.   I can still see my professor pacing the classroom with a two foot section of the flexible black rod, pointing it at us, bellowing "This is the future!"  He looked like a nun about to rap our … (2 comments)


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