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One of the most under utilized aspects of networking and promotions is actively promoting your client's business. The main reason Realtors miss this opportunity comes from the constant need for self promotion. Self promotion is normal but having your client promote your services will be stronger ...
We all have seen it and need to deal with it. The children's rooms are not showing well! Hmmm. What do you do? It is a never ending issue raising our children and the constant reminder to have our children clean up their rooms. I won't get into too much but most children don't understand the expe...
I recently posted a blog concerning how strong are internet leads. I was amazed at the  number of responses and suggestions offered by the membership. So with all the feedback I decided to review my leads and make some adjustments.One of the main items I changed was my "intro" on my Coldwell Bank...
One of the most important decisions you can make when deciding to sell your property is how effective is the Multiple Listing Service for your residential property? The multiple Listing Service, commonly known as the MLS, is a listing inventory system for residential real estate in your area avai...
Do REALTORS really know the differences between a FIXER UP listing on the MLS search result and a property that is prime for a flip home? Most Realtors lump these two types of properties into the same catergory which is a big mistake. They are totally different. First let me define each property ...
In order to sell your listing you need the property to sell itself. It is that simple. What you do to make it happen is critical foir your client and your success in a very competitive market. So I have put together some thoughts to help you get the most out of your profession. Here are some help...
Beverly MA.   Coldwell Banker Residential Broker Beverly is pleased to announce its March 2007 Agent of the month award to Michael D. Ross for his outstanding performance. Michael's professionalism and knowledge of the industry coupled with dedication to his clients  make him a valuable asset to ...
How well do you know your client? Do you really listen? Do you you take the time to find out what is their hot button issue? In every business relationship concerning real estate a buyer or seller will tell you their hot button issue. It may be as simple finding the right property. In this case t...
Many of you are far more advanced when it comes to this subject of search engines and their performance on the internet. I am  looking at their for performance as I decide to spend some of my  very limited advertising dollars on Search Engine Optimization Advertising. I have several clients that ...
Our loan officer just had a seminar explaining that new tax regulations allow PMI as a tax deduction. In the course of explaining how PMI actually is a deal maker in today's complex web of financial information most consumers just see it as a cost. Once explained as a benefit to securing  finance...

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