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Serving buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell a their home in and around Northern CA, California Coast Real Estate market, and the surrounding Humboldt County Real Estate market.
Sometimes I think the most inspiring thing about buying your first home is reading about other people's experiences.  So I thought I would share Janet's story about her first time home buying experience.I was a brand new real estate agent, and must have looked pretty ridiculous in my miniskirt, l...
The main reason most Humboldt County For Sale By Owners go it alone, is to save on the commission.  And I say if you can do it on your own more power to you.  However there's more to Humboldt County Real Estate than meets the eye.  So I guess it comes down to value.  I can give you a list of over...
So I'm sure we've all had several conversations in the rain about the numerous changes here.  One of the changes more recently is the removal of the 'Notify Me of Comments' option.  That was the little box you checked after you made a comment on another AR member's blog post.  This way for those ...
Looking for a home using Humboldt County MLS Listings search tools is a great way to start the home buying process.  Especially right now when mortgage rates are lower then they've ever been and home prices have really come down a lot in the last several years.  This combo makes Humboldt a very g...
In our Humboldt County Real Estate market I speak to many sellers who attempted to sell their home the first or second time around, hiring a local Realtor who they felt could get the job done only to be disappointed time and time again.It’s frustrating when you’re ready to move on in your life to...
In our Humboldt Couty Real Estate market, the big discussion these days is the economy of course.  And when it comes to Humboldt County Real Estate most people want to know how bad our market is?  ie:  How many foreclosures and short sales are selling compared to retail homes by sellers who have ...
  I've worked with many First Time Homebuyers here in Humboldt.  Many of whom have used various low income loan programs in the past and a few who have used FHA loans more recently.  So it's good to see this product come out into the loan industry.  Welcome to the FHA Rehab loan.  The person to t...
I thought I would throw this out there before I contact the AR G-ds for help.  For the past several weeks now I'll make comments on other Rainer's blog posts, and check the box which allows AR to notify me when others comment on that post.  Of course each time someone comments I get an email mess...
One of our activerainers J Philip Miranda wrote a great post Are You an Agent Who Blogs or a Blogger who's a Licensed Agent?  and his post inspired an array of well thought out comments, even Lenn Harvey followed up with an incredible post Listen to this Realtor!  He's On to Something. Websites a...
Today I left my brokerage for another.  I left on my terms and I’ve moved over to RE/MAX Humboldt Realty.  For several months I thought long and hard about the move, but now the time has come for a change.I’ve seen lots of change through these Humboldt Real Estate eyes in last couple of years.  I...

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