buyers for real estate: Buyers--what to do in a "multiple offer" world! PT 1 - 03/31/17 11:05 AM
Buyer Tips—Buying in a hot, Multiple-Offer real estate Market
My last column dealt with multiple offers from the homeowner’s perspective. What about you Buyers? The big difference between the Seller and Buyer is the SELLER will reach their goals in quick order-attracting an offer(s) and selling their house. Buyers, however, may be making an offer on their 5th property.  Let us explore some strategies and tips we use with Buyers.
Why are we seeing multiple offers? Lack of inventory. As of this writing we have a tad over 500 detached single family homes and only 38 condos now “available” or ready to … (0 comments)

buyers for real estate: Not all home sell! Good news for Buyers--Reality for Sellers. - 10/17/16 11:55 AM
Many Buyers AND their Realtors, are still buying into the multi-offer, way over asking price market. I’ve been tracking our market here in the “Wine Country” of Sonoma County (2nd county above the “Golden Gate” and we are seeing a distinct “Shift”.  If you refuse to know your market numbers you are committing malpractice. How can you advise your clients on the proper pricing and strategy when you do not follow the market and its trends? I’ve had many buyers tell me homes come up and fly off the market. They think all homes sell in two weeks. Realtors are aiding … (2 comments)

buyers for real estate: Buyer’s Remorse! How do you handle this Peculiar Malady? - 10/15/16 11:59 AM
It’s an age old curse of the sales profession—Buyer’s remorse! It is defined as a “deep and painful regret for a wrongdoing” or a “feeling of uneasiness or anxiety of the conscience caused by regret for doing something wrong”.
Sound familiar? Every time I fall for the latest webinar on how to increase leads 100% by only paying a small “monthly licensing fee” I have regret! Buyer’s remorse sets in. But with real estate Buyer’s it concerns probably the single largest investment they’ll ever make. When I bought my first house I owed the bank close to $40,000. Imagine that! This … (3 comments)

buyers for real estate: Multiple Offers? Sellers-How to Avoid leaving big $$$ on the table! - 07/16/15 01:23 PM
Multiple offers? Sellers-How to avoid leaving thousands of $$$ on the table.
  Due to our severely constrained inventory here in the “Wine Country” of Sonoma County, California, we are seeing multiple offers in the “hot” price points below our new median of $550,000. Not 10, 15 or 20  when the market was super wacky but more tempered, 3, 5, 7 offers BUT with gusts in the low 20’s for super fixer properties. Why? Let’s analyze the current real estate marketplace in Sonoma County. The inventory of homes is not gaining traction. Our biggest month so far this year was March for … (2 comments)

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