buying in sonoma county: Raging BUYER'S Market for Land in Sonoma County, California - 11/20/16 11:49 AM
  The above graph shows a very startling number which should make every buyer of Sonoma County "Bare" sit up and take notice. This graph show the MSI or Month's Supply of Inventory of land currently available. When we talk about MSI we need to put it into context. Most all real estate experts page MSI into three categories: Seller, Normal, and Buyer Markets. A “Seller’s” market would be an MSI of under 4 months. Here in Sonoma County are “residential” home MSI is 1.8. So this is a big time Seller’s market.
However, the $1million+ price point now has … (0 comments)

buying in sonoma county: Buying "Country Property" You want to raise some chickens and things? - 10/21/16 10:25 AM
Buying “Country Property” So you want to raise some chickens and things? Pt I of a Six part series.
   I’ve  blogged previously on how to write a lean and mean offer that will stand-out from all others in a “Multiple-offer’ situation.  I gave techniques on writing offers with a minimum of inspections (all according to the buyer’s level of sophistication and comfort level) in order to make your OFFER “cleaner” and more attractive to a Seller.  However, those techniques were directed at purchasing a “town or city” property on public sewer and water and on subdivision lots (3500 to 6000 … (0 comments)

buying in sonoma county: RENTERS? Financial Reasons to Buy Real Estate - 10/16/16 08:20 AM
Housing is one of the BEST leveraged investment available---What is leverage? Ever heard of the term “other’s people’s money”? It’s what every investor strives for—low risk and exposure with the promise of higher rates of return. In today’s market homeowners can get into a home with as little as 3-5% down. The less money or “skin in the game” you have when purchasing any investment is considered leverage. The less money in the higher the leverage and the greater the possible return. We had many clients who purchased homes or rentals during the great recession during our “bottom” which occurred in … (0 comments)

buying in sonoma county: California Housing Affordability--going, going GONE! - 03/10/16 10:40 AM
This is the latest "Housing Affordability" reports for the last quarter of 2015. Not looking good. Prosperity? Yes! Downsize? Monthly payment for the nation as a whole is $1100.00/month. My county of Sonoma (in pink) is almost 3 times the national average. But look at San Francisco, Marin (county just over the Golden Gate Bridge and just below Sonoma County (we have the grapes!), San Mateo and Santa clara (think Silicon Valley!). Astounding payments required to purchase the median priced home. What's more galling is the income needed to qualify (far right column). Whoa Nelly!

buying in sonoma county: Social Etiquette in Real Estate, "Can I use the John?" - 07/10/15 09:39 AM

Social Etiquette in Real Estate—“Would the Seller mind if I used the bathroom?”
   This happened to me showing property one time. The Buyer’s teenage girl absolutely needed to use the bathroom. The buyer asked if this was o.k. and I said sure, go ahead. Remember that commercial where the "date" is at the guy's house and goes to use the bathroom. Curious, she opens the medicine cabinet to see what's in there and the shelves come crashing down! Ooops! Yes, the teenage girl got “curious” and down came the shelves. It was a mess. We spent the next 15 minutes replacing … (5 comments)

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