home selling: RENTERS? Financial Reasons to Buy Real Estate - 10/16/16 08:20 AM
Housing is one of the BEST leveraged investment available---What is leverage? Ever heard of the term “other’s people’s money”? It’s what every investor strives for—low risk and exposure with the promise of higher rates of return. In today’s market homeowners can get into a home with as little as 3-5% down. The less money or “skin in the game” you have when purchasing any investment is considered leverage. The less money in the higher the leverage and the greater the possible return. We had many clients who purchased homes or rentals during the great recession during our “bottom” which occurred in … (0 comments)

home selling: Affordability takes a tumble in SF Bay Area - 11/17/15 08:25 AM
Here in the "Wine Country" of the North Bay of San Francisco, affordability is hitting "Crisis" levels.  We are seeing business groups openly asking the question--"Where will are people buy?" In our area as in many counties of the Bay Area our home affordability crisis is matched by soaring rental rates and a proliferation of  temporary housing aka AirB&B and VRBO which greatly reduces the number of rentals available in the marketplace. . This surging real estate market is bringing about talks of limiting temporary housing, affordable building as well as the low hanging fruit of politicians—rent control.
 The chart below show the affordability … (1 comments)

home selling: Realtor Euphemisms and throw-away lines! - 09/11/15 12:24 PM
  I've been licensed since 1978 and have heard almost every Realtor "saying" (some would say BS!), euphemism, understatement and hyperbole which my years in the business would warrant! Today we are seeing new high tech and very “uber”-hip, trendy phrases entering the Realtor vernacular. We especially hear it as my market is near the tech industry of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Realtors, wishing to tap into that market, mimic the vocabulary of their would-be clients. I get this but sometimes am dismayed of such affected voices! These current crop of words now being used in my market area of the … (4 comments)

home selling: What can go wrong in a Real Estate Transaction? Let me count the ways! - 09/05/15 07:16 AM
“So What can go wrong with our escrow?” Let me count the ways! ESCROW POTENTIAL DELAYS
(My apologies for the formatting issues with this post--did not translate very well!) It is the wise client who prepares for problems before they happen! As a Realtor who has slogged through the real estate trenches since 1978, there are many ways an escrow can be delayed or “DFT”--deal fell through. The smart, savvy Realtor knows delays are part of the process and like a chess master, attempts to anticipate move and counter-move. For this reason I would like to share my problem checklist that keeps … (20 comments)

home selling: Does the CAR you drive matter to your Real Estate Business? - 05/13/15 12:57 PM
  There was an interesting column on Inman.com regarding what type of car you drive for your real estate practice. The thoughts and comments centered around which "market" do you work? Upscale? Mostly middle class? First timers? Each segment they suggested would mean a different type of car. The article warned of being TOO upwardly "mobile" (Sorry-couldn't resist that one!) as this would turn off some consumers. One comment noted, "If a Realtor drives up in a very expensive auto will the Seller think, "Hey, s/he's got tons of money. I'll get a commissson reduction!". I do think if you work certain … (7 comments)

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