real estate market sonoma county: Migration of workers--Affordability and Jobs are KEY. - 11/14/16 10:34 AM
Here in “Northern” California, especially the “Bay Area” of San Francisco, job migration is following two trends: Jobs AND Affordability of Home Prices. My county, “Sonoma” is in the heart of the greatest wine region in the world. The counties of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino produce outstanding wines rivaling old growth estates in Europe. They are all very desirable places to live but proximity to the Bay Area is key for many job seekers. The above map shows those counties where “migration” has picked up considerably.
  San Francisco, though the highest priced real estate market, is drawing over 4041 from Santa … (0 comments)

real estate market sonoma county: Who sees your Inspections? Why we keep the lender out of the deal! - 10/18/16 01:04 PM
  Here in the greatest state of California, we use CAR Zip Forms for almost ALL of our transactions.  Our good attorneys at CAR try and keep us all out of trouble by giving us the most up to date contracts to use for our transactions. One of our goals is keeping the lender out of the deal. The strategy is to not tweak them and force them to get involved IN the deal. Want a lender breathing down your neck?  Referring specifically to reports the buyer may wish to order during your due diligence period will do the trick. The … (0 comments)

real estate market sonoma county: Buyer’s Remorse! How do you handle this Peculiar Malady? - 10/15/16 11:59 AM
It’s an age old curse of the sales profession—Buyer’s remorse! It is defined as a “deep and painful regret for a wrongdoing” or a “feeling of uneasiness or anxiety of the conscience caused by regret for doing something wrong”.
Sound familiar? Every time I fall for the latest webinar on how to increase leads 100% by only paying a small “monthly licensing fee” I have regret! Buyer’s remorse sets in. But with real estate Buyer’s it concerns probably the single largest investment they’ll ever make. When I bought my first house I owed the bank close to $40,000. Imagine that! This … (3 comments)

real estate market sonoma county: The BIG LONG? My opinion on WHY this RE Market is Stable (pt One) - 10/08/16 12:40 PM
The BIG LONG? One Realtors Opinion as to the longevity of the California Real Estate Marketplace and my market--Sonoma County "Wine Country".
I relate this market to being more, forgive the term, "organic", than the run-up market of the big “short” or bust. The borrowers are being vetted thoroughly. We have no "pick-a-payment" plans with negative amortization which got so many homeowners in trouble and the equally menacing “Sub-prime” loans? Gone and forgotten. Falsified and fraudulent incomes (such as house cleaners making $150,000 a year!)—gone. AND those corrupt appraisers and mortgage brokers are either doing time or have found another … (1 comments)

real estate market sonoma county: Dominant Loan Type in your Marketplace? - 10/06/16 08:27 AM
What type of “Loan” are you seeing in your market place? Dominant government loans? Cash? Conventional?
Here in the lovely "Wine Country" of the North Bay just above the "Golden Gate", our median home price is $592,000 based on sales of “Detached Single Family” homes. We report on condo/PUD sales in a separate report. I’ve been tracking the “blend” of loans being made by searching “Terms of sale” through our MLS for the sales made the previous month. In September Sonoma County had 422 total sales of Detached Single Family dwellings and another 54 of Condos/PUDs (Planned Unit Developments).
  Of those 422 … (1 comments)

real estate market sonoma county: YOUR Real Estate Market? Tight Inventory, New Listings faltering? - 07/06/15 10:35 AM
Ever said this to yourself lately about YOUR real estate market?
Here in the gorgeous "Wine Country" of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties, some would say the "Holy Trinity" of wine making, our real estate market is experiencing a tight listing market which never really "launched" into the spring/summer buying and selling season. The graph below shows MARCH as being our BIG month for new listings. This should be the beginning salvo and not the final whimper but our inventory is not gaining any traction. My question-WHY NOT?
Another telling graph are our sales per month--down from last year and not … (1 comments)

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