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I have been helping real estate professionals for over 15 years. I can help you with virtual tours, web design, digital photography, graphic design, flyers, custom postcards, and any type of ad campaign.



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In October, 63 billion junk messages were sent daily, on average, compared with 31 billion a year ago. Antispam specialists, report that 88.7 percent of all e-mail sent in October was unsolicited. That percentage is expected to rise to nearly 90 percent in November and December. There's a holiday...
I have a question that I would like all real estate agents to answer, with over 5 million people a day looking at virtual tours online and Realtor.com stating that 87% of potential home buyers look at homes with virtual tours first, why are more agents not putting virtual tours on all their listi...
I have worked in the real estate field for over 15 years, first as a computer technician and then I went to work for one of the largest MLS's in Michigan. When I went to work for the MLS they hired me because they where making the transition from the dumb terminal to a pc based system. The agents...

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