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Thanks to Joshua Holt for putting this together ! I have read and love most of the ten ! Recently Rick Rogala, the Real Estate Marketing Coach from Chicago, put up his list of top ten business/motivaitional/inspirational books, and being the book worm that I am, I thought I'd put up my own top t...
 I'm taking Bob at his word and passing this on to all who can remember most of these  !!!!!!!! Here's a great nostalgia email I received from my cousin.  Funny thing is we were at a family reunion a couple years ago and reminicsed about quite a few of these items.  I've made the print very large...
 Just stumbled onto this recipe and decided to reblog it as a test to watch exactly where it goes(on a reblog) !!! Ok, so the photo might look like it came from a faded menu but these are really good. They take about 30 minutes from start to table and can be a meal in themselves or used as a side...
     I was over at Park City mall the other day and almost bought a book I already had @ Borders Express firesale ! It's that time of year I look forward to purchasing the finest book on baseball on the market , Baseball Prospectus 2010 !!! It scouts every player on a team's 40 man roster and mak...
   Upon moving back to Amish country(Lancaster,PA.) 22 years ago , we were given a cookbook by friends from church. We have referred to it so many times that we've lost it's front cover! One of our favorite and easy to make side dishes ( from the above) is always in demand from our invities ! Are...
  Jets fans are not going to be happy with this article ! So let me toss you a bone now; stats asside your quarterback should be the Rookie of the Year !!!(just for advancing his team to the AFC Championship game)After several pretty lopsided playoff games this weekend features the first of two 2...
    As I write this we're only 118 days away until NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series comes back to Dover International Speedway ! Known as the Monster Mile this concrete oval track was opened in 1969 with King Richard(#43) winning it's first race on July 16th of that year. By 1971 it was pretty much a N...
     One of the best sites I've found to stay on top of the progress players are making in their quest towards the majors is . Every league is covered there along with great scouting analysis. It helps you find current and career stats and what each team's major league...
       Our country just doesn't get it when it comes to nutrition ! We lead active and over scheduled lifestyles that cause us to default to prepared and canned foods. While these quick fixes can leave us feeling full, there's often very little nutrition in what we've consumed. Add to that preser...
     Many people who will say that they are Christians remain completely unfamilar with the truths of GOD's Word.  The Barna Group (google Barna, read the blogs on their website and get ready to be shocked ! ) did a survey several years ago that discovered that 6 out of 10 who considered themselv...

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