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     The future holds unlimited opportunities . All types of new skills can be learned ! New excitingrelationships can be formed .  We can exceed our goals and expectations . We're not stuck beingthe way we are . We can change and achieve our full potential ! Unless you listen to this guy !     Y...
     There are so many advantages to Home Ownership. This post outlines the Top 5 reasons toown your personal residence . Additionally your personal residence will most likely be Free & Clearas you reach retirement . That alone will provide with a number of interesting options that rentersjust wo...
     Well here's more evidence to the arrival of the Boomerang Buyers ! Nearly 8 million homeownerswere adversely affected by the Great Recession (from 2009-2013), and lost their homes with amortgage shortfall ! This temporarily damaged their credit score and mortgage lending guidelinesforced the...
     The numbers don't lie ! Most Americans think owning your own home is a great investment !It will play a huge role in your retirement planing . And with the Economic principle of Leveragein play , YOU REALLY DON'T NEED a LOT of MONEY to purchase your first home ! Call me now tohave the whole ...
     As you can clearly see from the graphs, we closed 2015 with scarcity of inventory in most pricepoints . This has continued to accelerate into 1rst quarter 2016 ! Based on the Law of Supply andDemand , only one thing can happen . PRICES will great increase in 2016 ! Contact me to receiveyour ...
     The year 2016 is shaping up as predicted . Buyers are re-entering the market and findingscarcity in many price points ! But at the same time mortgage rates have dropped and fueleda new degree of buyer urgency ! For Sellers , now is clearly the time to achieve TOP DOLLARfor your property !   ...
     Real Estate tends to be a cyclical business activity wise. That leads to most agents riding anEconomic Roller Coaster cash flow wise . Annually one of those dreaded periods of time, tendsto be the first quarter of every year (Jan.1 to March 31). As a matter of fact , the typical real estatea...
    Have you been waiting to sell your house ? Well this post has great news for you !Prices are moving up from the pressures of Supply & Demand ! Buyers , this trend isgoing to increase, so don't delay your home purchase any longer ! The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their late...
     I just received this from a friend and decided to treat it like a Reblogg . When you read it you'll see why !This will make you change the way you approach all 4 examples that are explained here ! Make sure you post this on social media also .Ready to be shocked ?  NOT ALL THIEVES ARE STUPID...
What's Wrong ?   Topical groups are dying or have been eliminated . Because of this AR has lost some of the spirit of community it gains when it's members experience Commonality  !What's Broken ?   1. The Group Search Feature has never been user friendly and often results in a wild       goose ch...

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