Red Baron Flights in Brandon, Valrico, Lithia and Around

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Rick Frissell takes a look at the Lithia, Brandon and Valrico, FL and surrounding area real estate market. He will provide information and insights in to the area's real estate and finance markets and other interesting tidbits. Rick is a recognized area expert and encourages your questions and comments.



  Lifeguard Wanted....                             Kevin Church of the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department has announced that they are seeking applications for five Lifeguards spots at Lithia Springs Park located at 3932 Lithia Springs Road Lithia, FL. Candidates must be at least ...
A matter of the heart and the pocketbook                                                                    At times I feel torn between playing cupid (helping you find a house to fall in love with) and your accountant (finding a house that you can afford). Buying a home is both a matter of the ...
Remember the times we would all sit in a stadium and somebody would start the WAVE? At first one, two or three people would take the risk of starting a small wave.  Then foolishly they would turn to those behind them and encourage the others to join in.  This would be repeated until the next sect...
If you were wondering, I was behind the wheel of the Lincoln Towncar for 57.5 hours over a span of 4 and a half days.  The average time driving the client per day was 2 hours.  The rest of the time is waiting. The restrictions were greater than I thought they would be.  You have to be 2 to 5 minu...
There have been a lot of news and opinions about how the economy is effecting the Super Bowl. One of my favorite radio programs is on at 7:55 AM on channel 970, Earl Pitts, great american hero. Earl has a way of bringing complex issues to where I can understand them. As Earl would say "Take the e...
I will be submitting as many posts as I can today, but it is shaping up to be a busy day for the Super Bowl Chauffeur. Let me first begin by digressing.  Yesterday was my second day as the driver for the wife of one of the owner's for a NFL team.  So what is it like to be plugged in to a super r...

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