financial services: Bill Bartmann Business Success Tips: Visualize Success - 04/29/09 09:12 AM
Do you want your business to succeed? Who doesn't! But how much do you want it to succeed? Can you see the success of your business? Can you feel what it would feel like to see your business where you want it to be? If not, your lack of ability to visualize it may be what is holding you back.
There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a belief that your positive thinking and ability to visualize things in your life can help bring them to pass. … (4 comments)

financial services: Positive Thinking and Business Success – Expert Advice from Bill Bartmann - 04/29/09 09:08 AM
Have you seen the movie The Secret or read the book? Much of the concept behind this is positive thinking, and the power of positive thinking in your life. Some call it the Law of Attraction, explaining that if you think positively and act according to those thoughts, you will be able to make those positive things happen.
Remove the Negative
Bill Bartmann Tip #1 in positive thinking for success is to get rid of the negative. When you think of something you need to accomplish that could take a little work, what is the first thing that comes … (3 comments)

financial services: Bill Bartmann Business Resources: Business Consultants - 04/29/09 09:02 AM
Bill Bartmann advises his students to seek help from other business professionals.  When it comes to running a business, many people get it stuck in their heads that they need to be able to make everything work by themselves or they will be a failure. What they often don't realize is that by doing just this they may be dooming their business.
Think about all aspects of life. When you are facing a challenge and you have people who can help you, you ask for help, right? Even back in grade school if you needed help with your homework you … (0 comments)

financial services: Customer Relations Tips from Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 09:33 AM
When you run your own small business, your customers are your lifeblood and without them you will not be able to enjoy living your dream. That means you need to make sure you are taking care them so they will come back time and time again and keep filling your bank account. Here are some tips to make sure you are offering the customer care that will keep those customers coming back.
Always Think First Impression
Bill Bartmann tip # 1 is every time a customer comes to your business, you should treat them like it is their first … (0 comments)

financial services: How Well Do You Know Your Product – Business Ownership Tips from Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 09:30 AM
If your business involves you being able to sell tangible products, you may think there is no real way to get ahead in selling. People are either going to like the product or not, right? Not necessarily. When you are out selling the product, you become an extension of the product that is being sold. Therefore, the more you know and the more confident you are in talking about the product, the more likely you are to make a sale.
Here's a quick refresher on what you should know about the product you are selling:
Intimate Product Knowledge

financial services: Bill Bartmann Business Sales Tips: Selling to the Senses - 04/26/09 09:26 AM
If you run a business that has a storefront, when was the last time you looked around the store to see if you are really selling to your potential.  Selling to your potential does not mean just having an open sign in the door and your newest items on display. Selling to your potential means knowing how people take in information and making sure you are catering to the various ways they may think.
Think of the senses - sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell. These are the ways we, as humans, relate to the world. Yet people don't keep … (2 comments)

financial services: Business Management Tips from Bill Bartmann: Keeping up with Business - 04/26/09 09:02 AM
When you run a business it's very easy to get into a rut thinking that you know everything about your business, how to run it, how to present it to others and how to make sure it really shines. Often this is just in your head and you really don't see where there are holes in your presentation. Here's an easy way to find the holes and fill them in.
Whether you are giving a sales pitch for your products or just a company presentation for others in your industry, the next time you give that presentation you need to … (0 comments)

financial services: Word of Mouth Advertising – Business Marketing by Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 08:58 AM
If you run you own business, you know the importance of advertising. Advertising is how you let people know who you are, where you are, what you do and that you even exist. There are a number of types of advertising out there and they come at all sorts of costs.
Of course you likely think of the main advertising methods when the word comes to mind such as television, radio or newspaper advertising. You may also think about flyers that you can print and hand out or those little mailers that end up in everyone's mailbox weekly or monthly. … (0 comments)

financial services: Bill Bartmann, billionaire, success, money, financial services, business plan, billionaire business school - 04/26/09 08:55 AM
When you have a product or service you want to convince someone to buy, there are a number of steps you have to go through to complete the process. The most important of these steps is your sales presentation.  But do you know what you need to create the perfect sales presentation? Here's a look at a few tips:
Make it Personal
Bill Bartmann's tip #1 for creating a successful sales presentation is to make it personal. This means if you can, try to have a one on one presentation with your potential client. This makes them feel important … (0 comments)

financial services: Bill Bartmann Business Tips: Increasing Sales Volume - 04/26/09 08:50 AM
If you are like a lot of businesspeople you are making a mistake that could be costing you thousands of dollars (or more) every year. You aren't up selling as well as you could be.
Here's how the average sale goes:
A person comes to you and discusses the possibility of making a purchase or wants to learn more about one of your items. You are thrilled at the idea of making a sale so you work all of your sales magic trying to let them know why this item will be good for them. Your sales pitch goes … (0 comments)

financial services: Making a Sale – Client Relations Tips from Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 08:46 AM
In any business it is vital to know how to make a sale. Whether you are in the business of selling actual goods and products, services or your creativity, getting a person from a place where they are just listening to you and liking what you have to say to the point where they are willing to open their wallet or write you a check is quite a step.  While you may have a great product or service, if you don't know how to sell it well, you may lose the sale. Here's what you need to know to be able … (0 comments)

financial services: Closing a Sale – Business Tips from Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 08:41 AM
If you work in a job that requires you to make pitches and then convince people to purchase something, you may already realize that the hardest part of your job is closing the sale.
You know your product. You know you love it and believe in it. You also think you are pretty sure it is perfect for the people you are selling it to. You have done your presentation. You have shown them the benefits and reasons it will make a positive change in their life, now what?
Now it's time to close the sale.

financial services: Employee Impact – Tips to Business Owners from Bill Bartmann - 04/26/09 08:34 AM
When you are a small business owner that employees other people to run your business, you are essentially putting your name and reputation in their hands. How your employees interact with your customers will have a direct impact on whether or not you will have repeat customers or they will leave with a bitter taste in their mouth. Here are a couple of things you need to think about when it comes to your employees and your customers.
Positive Impression
Bill Bartmann's tip #1 for making sure your employees have the right impact on your customers is to work … (0 comments)

financial services: Bill Bartmann Lecture Series – Part 12 – Bill Bartmann Talks about Building a Master-Mind Group - 04/19/09 08:00 AM
Students were fascinated with the concept of the master-mind group, originally developed and implemented by Napoleon Hill over 50 years ago.
Tulsa, OK - Bill Bartmann saved the Master-Mind talk for last in the series of lectures he recently gave for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Bartmann said, "Napoleon Hill's concept of the master mind group has been proven to work for many serious entrepreneurs.  The idea is to surround yourself with people who know more than you so you can benefit from this collective intelligence as you rise to a whole new level in life and in business."

financial services: Bill Bartmann Lecture Series – Part 11 – Bill Bartmann Explains Why Business Owners need an Advisory Board - 04/19/09 07:58 AM
Bill Bartmann says every business should have an advisory board to bring experience and advice to a company without the high cost of business consulting fees
Tulsa, OK - Bill Bartmann, expert Business Coach, has been leading workshops and doing lectures for young entrepreneurs.  Recently, he discussed advisory boards and why all businesses should have one to be successful.  Bill said, "An advisory board is a great tool for your business, allowing you to leverage your skills and attributes along with those of other professionals.  Unlike business consultants, you do not pay your advisory board."
One student asked, "Why … (2 comments)

financial services: Bill Bartmann offers Advice on Business Success During a Recession - 04/19/09 06:34 AM
We're in a recession. There is no avoiding this fact although many people like to not utter the word out of fear that it will send their customers hiding and not spending. This is the wrong way to react.
Do you think your customers are stupid? They know there is a recession. They are living in it every day. They know their corporate lives are getting tighter, their home budgets are getting tighter and everything else in the world is a little more economically unstable right now.  So, acting like there is no recession is nothing more than you showing … (0 comments)

financial services: Business Tips from Bill Bartmann - Advertising for Success - 04/19/09 06:31 AM
In order to find new customers, you have to know how to pinpoint the people who need you, right? Well how do you do that? Whether you have a storefront or an online shop there are thousands or even millions of people out there who you could bring in for sales. But which ones are the ones you need to be targeting in your advertising?
There are two types of advertising - successful and failed advertising. Knowing whom you are marketing to and making sure your message gets to them will be a determining factor in which of those categories … (2 comments)

financial services: Free Advertising for Your Business - Tips from Bill Bartmann - 04/19/09 06:26 AM
Have you ever opened the newspaper to see your competition highlighted or mentioned in an article and been frustrated to see them get that free advertising? Perhaps it wasn't your competition, but another company you saw getting this kind of attention and you would love to be the next one to get that kind of press. You can if you know how to do it.
First, you need to understand the difference between advertising and this kind of press. When you put an ad in the paper, everyone knows you have paid for that space, so they know it is … (0 comments)

financial services: Become an Expert – Business Training by Bill Bartmann - 04/16/09 11:22 AM
In any business, you want to be the person that people come to because they need something and know you are the top in your field who can help them, right? But how do you make sure you are that person? In most fields there are a lot of people in any and every level of the field who come across as experts. These are the people whose names you always hear when it comes to the 'who to ask' about anything in your field. Want to see more business? Become that person. Here's how to do it.
Know it … (0 comments)

financial services: Be an Expert in your Industry – Business Advice from Bill Bartmann - 04/16/09 11:15 AM
, you want to succeed in business, do you? Well how much do you really know about your business? About your industry? If you really want to go to the top of the heap, you need to be able to be the top dog in your industry.
When many people think of being the top dog, they think that means you have to be the highest paid person in their field. While eventually it can become that, it doesn't always have to be the case. The more you know, the more power you have in your industry and that you … (0 comments)


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