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              Although a Minor Character, Brother Rick Mansfield's Talent Is What Makes It Work By Bill CherryDallas Broker-RealtorMy 43rd Year Selling"Since I Don't Have You"There's one misnomer about story telling, and it is the thought that  "minor characters" in ...
I've done my best to post some blogs that have varied purposes.  Here are some of the titles and the number of clicks:"So You Want to Get Out of a Contract, Do You?"                             48"The Beverly Wilshire Isn't the Paris Hilton"                                      61"The Money Docto...
They call our friend's mother Big Mama.  It's one of those ironies that I can't figure out.  Big Mama is about 5'5" in heels and has never weighed in at more than 120 lbs.  Nevertheless, she's called Big Mama and she's now in her 90s. In the past several weeks, I've watched from the sidelines as ...
                          The Willie Payne Family's Famous Himalayan Singing Kitten Enterprise                                               BY BILL CHERRY, DALLAS BROKER-REALTOR                                                              {---RE/MAX GALVESTON'S WILLIE PAYNEWillie Payne is the ow...
Fellow Active Rain blogger, John Elwell of Bill Nye's Century 21 office in Zephyrhills, Florida, made an interesting comment to one of the people who wrote and asked the question, "How can I get out of a contract?"  John noted that it is a question that seems to be posed here very frequently, and...
 One longtime resident of Beverly Hills made an interesting observation once.  He said, "Hollywood isn't a real place.  It's a state of mind.  When people are envisioning Hollywood and movie stars and beautiful homes and surroundings, they are really envisioning the City of Beverly Hills."  But t...
                                                                     Doc Gallagher, Steve the Engineer and Your Friend Realtor Bill CherryOne of the most famous people in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex is a retired ethics professor from Texas Christian University, W. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D.  He cal...
For a number of years -- at least 10 -- I have encouraged my selling clients to throw in a free home warranty from one of the warranty companies like American Home Shield.  It seemed to be both a good marketing strategy for the seller and as a help against the possibilities of disclosure disagree...
The Strand: A Lingering Shadow of Riches Untold, Whispering Night Bay Breezes by Bill Cherry Dallas Realtor-Broker My 43rd Year Selling Texas! Reprint of my current column in "Texas Escapes Magazine" Now that the battle that made Texas a republic in 1836 had ended, the found...
                                                                           BY BILL CHERRY, BOI                                                                               BROKER-REALTOR                                                                    MY 43RD YEAR SELLING TEXAS                ...


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