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That the food in most restaurants considered "fine" is expensive simply doesn't fit the bill at Dallas' Royal Thai on Greenville, near Park, behind the popular World Market store. Owned by a well-known chef and his brother, I doubt you will say that you have ever been in any restaurant where ther...
You know I was raised on the Texas coast where fresh seafood is not a luxury!  In fact when I was a kid, my mom kept a couple of pounds of fresh boiled shrimp in the refrigerator for us to snack on when we came home from school. Galveston parents weren't into the cookies and milk routine. Well, i...
Some say that the reason the Texas Legislature put in place the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (Chapter 17 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code), was to give attorneys an opportunity to sue for big bucks, win big settlements, and pack their pockets with big legal fees.  Maybe so. One thing that...
NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTIONThe following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA.  It was sent to me by radio legend and patriot, Chuck Dunaway.We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, ...
With all of the hype about how being involved in Facebook would bring more clients, I decided I'd sign up and see what was in store for me. I don't see how it can help me one way or the other as a Realtor, but I have immensely enjoyed finding old friends...friends I haven't spoken with in years.....
Just before this year's presidential inauguration, yard signs began popping up on the grounds of homes all over Dallas.  The message?  Welcome Home, George & Laura. And there are hundreds of them...maybe a thousand or more.  I've seen some that replaced the "Obama for President," the previously p...
While I'm far from being a Bible scholar, for a Gentile, I am pretty darned knowledgeable about Judaism. While there are at least two schools of thought on the subject, I am a member of the one that believes that the Last Supper was the celebration of the Passover Seder   I further feel this is a...
I had an interesting experience recently.  My client made a serious offer to purchase a home listed by another agency.  The agent is also the broker and owner of the franchise office. We faxed the document and copies of the option and earnest money check on Friday evening. Saturday passed, no res...


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