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There is a real estate research reporting service known as Veros Real Estate Solutions, that has been looking at the components that make-up a real estate recovery scenario. Their recent report shows that the Houston area will probably have the greatest home price appreciation over the next year ...
There is a report this morning that Zillow Mortgage Company, when it surveyed a sampling of U.S. residents, found that fully one-third did not feel that today they would qualify for a home mortgage. Studies like this are always suspect in accuracy, but nevertheless, those of us who service the ho...
BOB FORD DIED LAST WEEK ON GLAVESTON ISLAND.  HE WAS 81. More than 50 years ago, Bob Ford and his friend, Charley Killebrew decided that there was money to be made as beauticians, so they drove back and forth to a beauty school in Houston to learn the trade and to get licensed. Then the two of th...
Let's talk about the U.S. economy for a few minutes, and do it without pointing fingers at any past administration or the present one. Here's some background on why I believe I may be able to add a credible thought or two. I got a doctorate in economics in 1966  when I was living in St. Louis.  I...
The other day I wrote a blog piece about the automatic woes that accrue to listing agents when we let our clients dictate how to sell their house.  Here it is if you want to refresh your memory. Click here.  My recent client had beat me up so badly with his demands and criticisms that I was very ...
I have a growing concern about the marketing to investors of an investment called Life Settlements. Even though they are now regulated by the Viatical Settlement Model Act, in my opinion they represent an inappropriate investment for many who salespeople are prospecting. While Life Settlements --...
Often times I'm called by a homeowner who has had his home listed with another agent. The home has gone month after month without being sold.  The listing is now expired and the homeowner expresses to me his exasperation.  "What did Tiffany do wrong?" he asks me about his former listing agent.  "...
I admit that several times I started reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.  Each time I was unable to get interested in the World War II story, so I put the book down. Nevertheless, I know what people mean when they say, "It's a Catch-22."  One of the most disheartening "Catch-22s" of real estate be...
My introduction to the real estate business was as a loan officer for a large Texas mutual savings and loan association. I think because I was the low man on the totem pole, I was in charge of trying to work out pending foreclosures, and if I couldn't, going with the attorney to the appropriate c...
I had never thought much about Barack Obama before a neighbor put up a yard sign supporting Mr. Obama's nomination and subsequent election. I did think, though, that the names were odd for a person who would be considered as a United States presidential candidate of a national party.  I looked up...


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