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What a swell Sunday afternoon here in the park.  Dallas temperature is about 65 degrees and the sky is clear, humidity low.  The leaves are still falling to cover the grounds, staying ahead of the park's gardeners. VOTING.  During the last national election, 40 million registered voters failed to...
It is already difficult for the public -- even other real estate agents and brokers -- to determine exactly who is responsible for the actions of agents.  The Texas Real Estate Commission is making an effort to solve this by proposed new requirements and directives.  In my opinion we owe this to ...
Fall is definitely on its way.  It's overcast here in Dallas today, with perhaps some more rain before day's end.  But the squirrels are busy, nevertheless, gathering their food for the cold winter that's sure to come. The leaves on the trees here in the park are falling, multitudinous in colors ...
This is the most articulate and correct analysis I have ever read about public and subsidized housing.  While the author, Stephen Austin's comments are directed to those who live in Galveston, Texas, his facts and conclusions are on the money. I thought I'd share it with you, with the permission ...
It is difficult for me to understand why our government hasn't gotten a very stern kick in the pants from the NAR lobbyists, which have allowed this to fester to this point.  Or perhaps is it that our lobbyists are not affective?  NAR says there are about 1.5 million dues paying members.  Seems t...
My lifelong friends, Roman Catholics Bobbie and Neil Lewis, sent me this fine prayer the other day.  I wanted to share it with you. Come Holy Spirit Replace the tension within us with a holy relaxation. Replace the turbulence within us with a sacred calm. Replace the anxiety within us with a quie...
CHURCHES.  I'll admit that I worry about the present and future of the religious part of what caused the United States to be settled and to become a country. In our country, freedom has never meant that one has the right to do something that another doesn't have.  But those challenges often arise...
I suppose Galveston, Texas was very much akin to New York City when I was growing up. No, of course it wasn't nearly the same size, but it darned sure had ethnic and religious diversity.  So in our neighborhood, in addition to plain old Christian Americans like most of us were, there were Greeks,...
By Bill CherryRealtor Mr. Sam, like his brothers, cousins and uncles, worked for the patriarch of the family, Jasper Tramonte. Mr. Jasper had a meat-packing business in Galveston, Texas on Broadway, near 61st Street. It was called the High Grade Packing Co."We useah so muchah cereal in our Boohka...
My friend, T.J. Aulds, is a former University of Texas cheerleader, who followed his dad's footsteps into a career that focused on journalism, both broadcast and print. <<===T.J. Aulds These days he's the mainland editor of the Galveston County Daily News, but some years back he was a producer an...


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