bill cherry: So How'd You Do? - 01/30/14 09:27 PM

Here's a reality check we should complete at least once a year:
My net worth at the beginning of 2010 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2011 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2012 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2013 was:
My net worth at the beginning of 2014 was:
The amount I earned in 2009 was:
The amount I earned in 2010 was:
The amount I earned in 2011 was:
The amount I earned in 2012 was:
The amount I earned in 2013 was:
The amount I saved in … (1 comments)

bill cherry: Measuring Cost of Gross Income - Here's What I Did - 03/19/13 01:55 AM
Back when I owned two real estate companies, the analytical part of my business school education found its way into the operation.
<<== Bill in "the Beginning" I knew it was important to be able to measure the following things:
·        How effective were our ads in the different media, and specifically how effective were they for each subcategory – each listing that was advertised
·        Did billboards work?  If they did, was it because of location?  If they didn’t, was it because of location or did that medium bring low results? ·        What was the overall cost to the agency for … (2 comments)

bill cherry: Was I the Original Green Builder? - 03/11/13 03:39 AM
7655 South Brasewood
Years ago the electricity for a lot of south Texas was provided by a company known as Houston Light and Power Company.
We picked a site full of trees, figured out how to build a series of stucco, compatible townhomes without removing one tree, and then used what products were available at the time to make them energy efficient.
The architect was Houston's The Steinberg Design Collaborative’s Arthur Steinberg who has since gone to heaven.  The firm, founded by Arthur in 1957, continues today under the leadership of his son, Sanford.
And we all worked hours and hours trying … (3 comments)

bill cherry: How You Can Use Radio and TV to Help You from One Who Knows. - 02/25/13 12:41 AM
For most of my career I lived and owned real estate related businesses in Houston and Galveston.
A good reason they were successful was because of my avocation – broadcasting.
People in the area knew me from radio and television appearances.  And on top of that was a somewhat unusual last name that was memorable – Cherry.
So, a lot of people chose to have me or to have my company to represent them, not because they knew me personally, but because of their recognition of me from broadcasting.
I am a perfect example how radio and television are extraordinary ways … (7 comments)

bill cherry: KMOX Interviews Me As a Former Pianist at the Playboy Club - 09/24/11 03:07 PM
KMOX NEWS:  St. Louis’ Playboy Club Nothing Like TV Show
September 23, 2011 1:09 PM
 ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – It’s premiere week for the television networks. One show, “The Playboy Club” is fashioned after the first club to open in Chicago in 1960.
The St. Louis Playboy Club opened on Lindell Blvd. in 1962. Hugh Hefner even came for the opening.
“The playboy club was wonderful, and Mr. Hefner was everybody my age’s hero,” said jazz pianist Bill Cherry. “I went there to play primarily so I would really be admired by my pals, and people would … (4 comments)

bill cherry: THE NIGHT OWL - 07/21/11 01:06 AM

Some say it's because it's a seaport town. 
Others say it was inevitable since it's an island dangling off of the south shore of Texas.
But no one disagrees with the universal opinion that Galveston, Texas has an overabundance of characters, now and always has.
The Night Owl by Christie "The Beachcomber" Mitchell with Bill Cherry chronicles the island's most famous public relations man, as he and his wife, Janie, weave their ways through the "What's Up" of Galveston during the '40s and '50s, and tell about it in Walter Winchell style through Mitchell's weekly newspaper columns.
Those were … (1 comments)

Like many of us from the '50s and '60s, we were fascinated by the medium of radio broadcasting, and did our best to make our mark as a personality with a commercial radio station.  My first DJ program began in 1954 on KGBC in Galveston, and by the time I decided I didn't have the fortitude to pursue it as a vocation, I had worked my way up to being one of the hosts of the famous "American Airlines Music 'til Dawn" program that was broadcast in major cities nation-wide.
Chuck Dunaway began his career a few years before I did, … (2 comments)

bill cherry: THE GREAT FOONDINI - DALLAS' MAGICAL REALTOR - 04/24/10 11:42 PM

The Great Foondini has been amazing clients, lenders and competitors with his home selling prestidigitations for 45 years.
Need real estate magic at your house?  Call the Great Foondini at 214 503-8563 right now while it's on your mind.
(The Great Foondini's stage name is Bill Cherry.)
Since 1964
214 503-8563


bill cherry: IT'S ONE TIME AN OLD REALTOR IS A BEAUTIFUL REALTOR ...... - 11/06/09 02:22 AM

LEARN WHY HOMES DON'T SELL________________________________________ REMEMBER THOSE BIG ADS BRAGGING ABOUT THEIR SALES? Many of those who ran the big braggadocios ads about their real estate sales expertise have evaporated into thin air. THEY'RE GONE...OUT OF BUSINESS! You see, in reality their real estate prowess was nothing more than their own aberration. Anybody could sell homes back then, for goodness sakes. BUT EVEN THEN, THE MAJORITY NEVER SOLD MORE THAN 10 HOMES IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS! Now it's time to go back to using Old Faithfuls when you need a Realtor. I'VE SOLD THOUSANDS! BEEN AT IT … (1 comments)

bill cherry: DOOPED BY UTILITY DEREGULATION - 12/21/07 03:21 AM

bill cherry: OPEN GATES - A MANSION WITH REAL PEOPLE INSIDE - By Bill Cherry - 08/08/07 08:15 AM
                      The Big House aka The Open Gates                  
                              No One Who Truly Knows the Mansion Would Ever Call It The Open Gates
                                                         By Bill Cherry, Dallas Broker-Realtor
When I was growing up on Galveston Island, there were so many mansions that the thought of their value and opulence to us were sidebars, really. They were nothing more than where our friends' parents had grown up, and now were where old people lived. People who told us the stories of Galveston's past. Many of the stories I learned to love and I've been writing them for more than twenty years.
The exception was what family and … (4 comments)

       Prepared and Reported by Bill Cherry, Realtors 
                JUNE 1, 2006 THROUGH JULY 13, 2007
Number Sold                                 Price Range
1                                                 $4,000,000 to $5,000,000
3                                                 $3,000,000 to $3,999,999
2                                                  $2,000,000 to $2,999,999
7                                                  $1,000,000 to $1,999,999
3                                                  $ 900,000 to $ 999,999
3                                                  $ 800,000 to $ 899,999
2                                                  $ 700,000 to $ 799,999
5                                                  $ 600,000 to $ 699,999
Reported by Metrotex Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service

                    Galveston's Pirate Jean Lafitte Was a Fraud. He Was Really Mortimer Wilson                                                                      By Bill Cherry, Dallas Broker-Realtor
It is entirely possible that the real Jean Lafitte never sailed into or had a home in Galveston. But that depends on whose accounting of Lafitte's life you want to believe.
The real Jean Lafitte was one of two brothers. Jean was the elder and Pierre was the younger. They were probably born in St. Malos, France in the 1780s. Jean was described as "tall, finely formed, and in his pleasant mood was always agreeable and interesting. He would stand for … (11 comments)

bill cherry: SOMEONE IS THINKING ABOUT YOU AT THIS VERY MOMENT.... - 05/28/07 12:27 PM
          Throughout most of my life, I've been one of those who keeps in contact with friends.  Those I grew up with, those who moved away, those I went to college with, old girlfriends, clients...everyone.  I suppose I'm sort of the Joel Osteen of real estate.
          My message to my friends is always basically the same:  How are things going for you?  Is there anything I can do for you to help make things better?  And if there is, I do my best to make sure that it happens.
          Today, I got an email from my friend Vivian Webb Latimer.  She and her … (2 comments)


By Bill Cherry, Realtor
Since 1964
I'll bet at least once a week Patty and I would get a postcard or letter from her, with her picture and all, telling us what a spectacular job she had done selling other expensive homes in the  beautiful community we loved and lived in near Houston.   The color photo of her with the toothy grin showed her to be an attractive woman about forty.  We didn't know her.
She wanted us to be her next clients, that is (in very small print) if we didn't already have our home listed with someone else. 
And then she added … (2 comments)

bill cherry: LAKE HIGHLANDS SALES REPORT - 05/15/07 01:09 AM

  Bill Cherry, Realtors
Our 43rd Year
Dallas, Texas
972 380-7347
Lake Highlands is a popular area of Dallas, Texas.  One of the primary Zip Codes for Lake Highlands is 75238.  On May15, 2007 there were ninety-five single family homes listed for sale in the 75238 Zip Code, and they ranged in asking price from $82,800 to $649,000.
The following is a list of sales that closed during the first fifteen days of May 2007.
 Linkwood Drive                     984 sq. ft.        $121,250
Mapleridge Drive                  2,220 sq. ft.     $145,000
Rolling Rock Lane                 2,114 sq. ft.     $165,500
Robin Hill Lane                      1,619 sq. ft.     $175.000
Trailpine Drive                       2,252 sq. ft.     $180,000
Lanshire Drive                       1,369 sq. ft.     $192,500
Bryson … (0 comments)

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