bill cherrys galveston memories: Social Security's Shocking Facts - 07/08/18 03:51 AM

Social Security Problems
Several recent studies have shown some interesting facts about our Social Security Administration and how our deposits are being handled on our behalf.
Here are a few of the major points:
There are approximately 46,000,000 Americans getting a Social Security check each month The average retired worker received about $1,400.00 last month, and that equates to just shy of $17,000.00 a year The US Government defines the poverty line for a single person at approximately $12,000.00 a year. Therefore, the average retired worker, living on their Social Security benefits,is  receiving only $5,000.00 each year above the poverty line And even more shocking, … (3 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: Most Texans Don't Understand How to Contest CAD Property Appraisals. Here's How - 04/23/18 08:08 AM
For whatever the reason, how the taxable property is appraised and assessed in Texas is a mystery to the majority.
This year, property owners must file their written protests by May 15, 2018.  In the main, there are no extensions granted.  Property owners will find protest forms at their county Central Appraisal District website.
Meanwhile, I have done three YouTube videos that explaijn the way it works, and exactly how to put together a credible and defendable dispute, including the exhibits that are required.
If you will go to my Park Avenue Wealth Advisors, LLC YouTube collection, you will find the three posts.  Please … (0 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: The Master of Marketing Is Back...Maybe - 04/05/17 07:13 PM

 Bill Cherry
"When a man puts on this authentic French farmer's shirt he may very well find that his hands look bigger....Is that woman over there giving him the eye and nodding toward the haystack? Yes, and he knows what to do" - John Peterman

In the mid-1990's John Peterman found a horsman's duster in England that he thought would sell like hotcakes in the U.S.  He bought a zillion of them, and ran a teeny ad in The New Yorker that had a drawing of the shirt, and that copy below it.
He quickly sold out. … (0 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: I GAVE UP! I REALLY DID! - 05/13/15 11:23 AM
OK, here's how it went.  Are you ready?
I studied real estate courses at University of North Texas when I was there in graduate school.  It wasn't that I had any intention of ever being a real estate agent at all.  In fact, I was working on being a professor, an English professor. I was enamored with John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained."
Dr. Cherry had a nice ring, and it wouldn't require any contact with blood and guts.
But this was 1966, and I was still as lazy as I had been at 16 and at 18 and at 24, for that matter. … (9 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: MORE BILL CHERRY'S GALVESTON MEMORIES -- New eBook - 10/19/13 12:53 AM

In 2000, my first book Bill Cherry's Galveston Memories was published by a small Texas press, VanJus Press. 
Amazingly, the thing sold many, many thousands of copies. 
Today, used copies sell for between 3 and 4 times the original cover price, while new copies that were horded by distributors being several hundred dollars each.
For a few months after Hurricane Ike, they were selling for more than $900 a copy.
Within the past few days, I've published a second round of stories.  This time in the e-Book format, and it's available at and Barnes and  … (0 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: How You Can Use Radio and TV to Help You from One Who Knows. - 02/25/13 12:41 AM
For most of my career I lived and owned real estate related businesses in Houston and Galveston.
A good reason they were successful was because of my avocation – broadcasting.
People in the area knew me from radio and television appearances.  And on top of that was a somewhat unusual last name that was memorable – Cherry.
So, a lot of people chose to have me or to have my company to represent them, not because they knew me personally, but because of their recognition of me from broadcasting.
I am a perfect example how radio and television are extraordinary ways … (7 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: Got a Book in You? Should You Self-Publish? - 12/26/11 11:41 PM
For many years I wrote stories about Galvestonians and the city’s rich history.  The average length was about 1,250 words.  The pieces appeared one day each week in the Galveston County Daily News. 
I’ve never counted, but a quick mathematical calculation says more than 600 were written.
In 2000, a Texas press, VanJus Press, contracted with me to publish a book, Bill Cherry’s Galveston Memories, which would be a 300 page anthology of about sixty of the first columns.
For about two months, VanJus’ marketing manager, Lynn Branch, scheduled book signings in stores around the Galveston-Houston area, and offered me … (4 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: BILL CHERRY'S GALVESTON MEMORIES - 09/29/11 01:34 AM

About eight years ago, Houston TV station, News24 Houston, did a series of my stories about Galveston's past.  For the heck of it, I'm now adding them a few at a time to Youtube.
If you're interested in seeing a Realtor perform on TV, here's your chance.  Click here.

Since 1964
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bill cherrys galveston memories: GALVESTON MEMORIES -- HISTORY PIECES ON TV - 09/18/11 04:29 AM
Those interested in the eclectic history of Galveston, Texas, could possibly find the pieces I did for News-24 Houston of value.
I've posted 8 on youtube, and plan to add more each week until they are all available.
Here's the link.
Current subject include:  1939 Birth of the Badgett Quadruplets, How the Texas Rangers closed down illegal casinos, Grand 1894 Opera House, the Easter Vigil, Famous DJ Rascal McCaskill, Mudrocks Bath House, Gaido's famous seafood restaurant, and Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame member, Utah Carl Beach.

Since 1964
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bill cherrys galveston memories: BILL CHERRY'S GALVESTON MEMORIES NOW ON YOUTUBE - 09/07/11 12:11 PM

Bill Cherry's Galveston Memories are now on Youtube.
We are adding the pieces about Galveston characters and places that I did for Houston's Channel 24 about 8 years ago.

Since 1964
214 503-8563

bill cherrys galveston memories: BILL CHERRY'S MEMORIES -- ON TV - 08/23/11 01:06 PM

Many know that I have written about 700 pieces about the history of Galveston and its people.
From those came an anthology of about 60 which was published as a book in 2000 by VanJus Press. Titled Bill Cherry's Galveston Memories, it has sold many thousands.  Nevertheless, I chose not to do a second printing.
Today, used copies sell on for nearly 100 bucks; new copies, when available bring more than $300.  The cover price is $19.95.
Along the way, I did weekly TV stories for a Houston station.  They were called Bill Cherry's … (0 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: THE SOCIOLOGY OF BOOKS SELLING: HURRICANE IKE CHANGED EVERYTHING - 11/21/08 02:14 PM
I thought you might find this bit of sociology interesting and worth pondering.
At Thanksgiving in 2000 the book I had written comprised of historical stories about Galveston, Texas was published.  It was a trade paperback -- that means a regular hard cover book-size paperback -- and it sold for $19.95.
Over the following years, amazingly literally thousands have sold.  I had told the publisher when they first approached me that I doubted more than 500 would sell, and I advised him not to print many more than that.  Instead, the first printing was 5,000 and there has been a second … (5 comments)

bill cherrys galveston memories: TEXAS REALTORS CONVENTION IN GALVESTON - WELCOME FROM A BOI - 06/16/07 10:12 AM

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