financial coaching: YOUR LEXUS vs YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS - 08/22/13 09:21 AM
Here's what happened. 
On June 5th, my AR post was titled “I Wonder Why Realtors Drive a Lexus?”  To date, the AR counter shows that 9,483 of you read it, and 231 of you commented. 
Most of the 231 of you who commented defended your decision to drive a Lexus as being a Realtor's inalienable right. 
You inferred that you would rather have a high car payment than drive a medium-priced car, even if it would allow you to bank the significant difference in the payments.
I contended that it might be an easy, but significant way to save for your retirement. 
Most of you didn't … (2 comments)

financial coaching: I CAN'T BE TRICKED! - 08/07/13 08:03 AM
William S. Cherry and
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America’s financial coach
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I can't be tricked!
I've been where you are today, and yesterday, and the day and the year before that. 
You see, I made my living as a successful real estate broker for decades, living on commissions just like you are trying to do.
By building a financial plan and following it through good markets and terrible ones, my family and I remained financially secure.  
That did require dedication and not falling to temptation. 
So you can be assured I know what you need to do to prepare … (1 comments)

financial coaching: Bet You've Never Heard about Reflective Coaching, Have You? - 04/09/13 07:52 PM
Chances are that you've never heard about what we call Reflective Coaching?
It’s a very interesting and important tool for both the client and the Wealth Coach to use.
Its purpose is to get both on the same track, so that we can jointly identify the client's problems and then go about the process of solving them.
What is usually discovered in this process is that the problem is resisting a viable solution.  
Instead, the client has been trying to solve the problem by substituting the same ideas and following the same avenues that have never worked before.
Here’s one that real … (0 comments)

financial coaching: How Can Life Possibly Work Well Without One? - 03/17/13 01:24 PM
Coaching is an important part of life.  Your life.
Success without it, in most cases, is not thoughtfully achieved. 
It's like attempting to ballroom dance without prior lessons, a good partner, and an appropriate song. 
If success happens at all it is nothing more than a random conclusion that turned out positive.
The person won a Life Lottery against monumental odds.
Imagine what any sport event would turn out to be if there were no coach to educate, direct, critique and make certain that the team performed as a unit and not as eleven individuals, each doing his interpretation of his part.

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